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Standard Edition

Farscape: The Illustrated Season 4 Companion

Author: Paul Simpson
Publisher: Titan Books
Copyright: 2003
ISBN: 1-84023-591-8

Paperback 9"x6", 160 pp.

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword (by Ben Browder)
  • Into Season Four
  • The Episodes
  • Script To Screen
  • The Characters
    • John Crichton
    • Aeryn Sun
    • Ka D'Argo
    • Chiana
    • Scorpius
    • Noranti
    • Sikozu
    • Rygel
    • Pilot And Moya
    • Recurring Characters
  • The Effects
    • The Creature Shop
    • Production Design
  • Into The Future
  • Afterword (by David Kemper)
  • The Last Word (by Rockne S. O'Bannon)
  • The Lexicon

From the back cover:

The Official Season 4 Companion!

Daring. Groundbreaking. Mind-frelling original. Farscape has deservedly built up a legion of fans around the world, drawn to its unique mix of strong characters, roller-coaster story arcs and the most impressive special effects on television.

Here's the inside story of Farscape's unforgettable fourth year. Compiled with total access to the show's cast and crew, this official companion is packed with exclusive interviews and photos, a definitive episode guide and even a Foreword from Crichton himself, Ben Browder! Also inside are Afterwords from executive producer David Kemper and series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon, and an intriguing look at the future of Farscape...

Diamond Edition

Farscape: The Illustrated Season 4 Companion

ISBN: 0-765-30164-4

This variant edition uses different photographs on the covers, and has its own ISBN; otherwise, it is identical to the standard edition.

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