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While not technically "Farscape" in nature, these CDs are included in the Cache because they have a connection to the show via one or more cast members.

Number 96 · Virginia Hey Meditation

Number 96 Demo

Originally distributed at the 2002 Official Farscape Convention in Burbank, this demonstration CD contains six songs performed by the band "Number 96", which includes Farscape cast members Anthony Simcoe and Wayne Pygram.

At the 2003 ScaperCon event in Chicago, Anthony and Wayne commented about the CD:

Anthony: One thing about the CD: it's a demo (it even says 'demo' right on it), it's not a full album. But now we've progressed.

Wayne: We haven't really found our sound. The most important thing is to go and do as many shows as possible, get the cobwebs out, discover ourselves. We made 500 CDs, as a limited thing, so once they were gone, they were gone.

Liner Notes:

Number 96 Are

Anthony Simcoe - Vocals, Guitar
Wayne Pygram - Drums, Backing Vocals
Stephen Edwards - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gerry Kortegast - Bass Guitar

All Songs Produced By Braedy Neal
Engineered By Kristian Hill And Russel Pilling
Mixed By Braedy Neal @ Subvision
All Songs Recorded October 2002 At Damian Gerard Studios Sydney
Sleeve Design; Stephen Edwards And Linda Brown

All Songs Written And Arranged By Number 96 © 2002

Special Thanks to

Marshall Cullen, Kristian Hill & Russel Pilling at Damian Gerard studio
Dave Renolds for the use of his Renolds Amp
Braedy Neal for his time & patience
Tamara, Bruce Thomas & Intermusic
John & Mel @ Soundlevel
Chris Attard, Lew stefanal
Justine martin, Linda Brown
& Scapers everywhere

All rights of the manufacturer and owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting and copying of this recording is prohibited

Track List:
  • Brand Spankin'
  • Naked
  • Sinner
  • First & Last
  • Ghosts
  • The Lesson Went Away


  • A large number of the CDs distributed in Burbank were autographed by the four band members, generally on the outside of the CD jewelcase, rather than on the liner notes or the CD itself.

  • Braedy Neal and Subvision (listed in the liner notes above) were responsible for scoring Farscape episodes through Season One and early Season Two.

Healing Visualization Meditation
(Virginia Hey)

From Virginia's August 2002 newsletter:

...I've only burnt 200 of them, I want to see if you like it. The CD comes from a tape I made for my final year exams when I was studying a 3 year Energy Healing course before Farscape. It is the very exam piece, so it is a home recording. You know, I love it, it means a great deal to me. I was in Sydney at my apartment overlooking a park and pool, you can hear the birds in the tress outside singing on the CD, and the water running in my little Rose Quartz fountain is also trickling on there. I had a tiny cheap cassette Recorder and a cheap ghettoblaster as my forms of recording...I even had my chain belly dancing belt with bells on it hanging from a chair...and I would nudge it with my elbow to make it chinkle whilst I was talking into the recorder. So it's a real home effort of love, all made with my own devices with the help of Mother Nature and dancing bells! Hope you like it. It goes for about 20 minutes with 10 minutes of music at the end...

Liner Notes:

Healing Visualization Meditation - 30 minutes

Dearest one,
Just sit comfortably in a quiet room with no distractions.
Sit with both feet on the floor.
Breathe deeply and evenly.

Chakra Centers
The Chakras are gentle energetic systems centered throughout the physical body. (See back cover) They relate to helping maintain the health, wellbeing and balance of the physical, emotional and etheric bodies.

We meditate visualising with our minds-eye coloured light washing gently through each center, balancing, healing and energising. The result will be as though you have breathed in nature at its most exquisite. Wonderful for stress relief and healing and soothing the body and emotions.

Higher Self
Whatever belief system of Religion you belong to, each has a Guardian Angel or Guide, of human figure through which to reach closer to "God" or the Universal power of Nature, Healing and that of "Good". That is what I refer to when I ask you to "see" your Higher Self in my meditation. I like to think of my Higher Self as my Guardian Angel, or Guide, also the most inner "me" that dwells in my subconscious. The image is up to you, a human figure with a peaceful loving face is most common. Some "see" just energy swirling peacefully, with an intense feeling of LOVE emitting from it, like the love feeling you get looking into a baby's eyes, or a beloved pets eyes, or your lover's eyes... Or the feeling you get from breathing in a gorgeous view of nature, that warm buzz of bliss...


I will be writing some new meditations soon, each with a specific purpose. For now, do join all my site members every Monday night 7 pm USA Pacific time for our healing meditations. Play this CD at that time, or just close your eyes and link with us all in sending healing to the planet and to each other. I will be sending out newsletters to all members letting you know details.

Blessings, Ginny

Back Cover:

[illustration of chakra centers]

Meditation written by Virginia Hey
Register as a member and "Help Heal the World"
See "Temple" and "Newsletters" onsite.

PO Box 515
7985 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 109
West Hollywood, CA 90046-5112

Artwork & Art Direction: Arne Ratermanis
Music: "Cafe Del Mar"

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