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   Farscape: The Game

Farscape: The Game (Final Release)

Interactive computer game for the Windows platform, developed by Red Lemon Studios, and published by Simon and Schuster Interactive in August 2002.

This game is rated "T" (Teen) by the ESRB, indicating that "Content may be suitable for persons ages 13 and older. May contain violent content, mild or strong language, and/or suggestive themes."

The following cast members provided their character voice(s) for the game:

  • Ben Browder - John Crichton
  • Claudia Black - Aeryn Sun
  • Virginia Hey - Zhaan
  • Anthony Simcoe - D'Argo
  • Gigi Edgley - Chiana
  • Lani Tupu - Bialar Crais; Pilot
  • Jonathan Hardy - Rygel

Publisher's Description:

Farscape is a fully 3D team-based action game. Play as each of 6 characters or as a team of up to 3 at once, as you use each of their unique skills such as combat, stealth, negotiation, and spiritual, to regain control of Moya, the living ship which has been overtaken by the evil Peacekeepers. Travel through a wide variety of highly detailed 3D environments including subterranean, desert, jungle and ruined cities, as you engage in combat involving a variety of strange new creatures and a plot full of twists and turns. Collect a massive variety of weapons as you progress through the 26 missions.

The "Users Guide" (instruction manual) measures 6.5" x 4.5", and is 40 pages in length. The table of contents lists the following sections:
  • The Story So Far
  • Getting Started
  • Menus and Options
  • Game Controls & Key Commands
  • Camera Control
  • Player Characters
  • Interface
  • Inventory
  • Combat
  • Weapons & Damage
  • Trading in the Town
  • Enemy Life Forms
  • Hints & Tips
  • Troubleshooting
  • Credits
The booklet also includes two blank pages for note-taking during play.

Liner Notes:

Important Game Tip!!
Farscape™ The Game, a Team-Based Action Game.

This means that unlike most other RPGs you've played, you must manage each member of your team as an individual. Remember, the FARSCAPE crew is a motley band of renegades. They are not a trained group of soldiers who know how to think and act as one. So, by design, you must play this game by switching control of your characters often, figuring out the best way to use their different skills and personalities for the task at hand.

Follow these tips and you will find success playing FARSCAPE: The Game

  • Switch character control often between the team members.
  • Take direct control of the sidekicks to save them in a jam.
  • Use the current character under control to help the sidekick.
  • Change the sidekick's state on the interface to flee.

CD Back Cover:

All the Excitement of the Hit TV Series...and You're in the Middle of It!

You are John Crichton, American astronaut lost in space.
You are stranded on a hostile planet with an alien space babe.
You must find your crew, fight your enemies and get your ship back.

Interstellar Intrigue!
Heinous Crimes!
Cosmic Justice!

System Requirements

  • Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP (with DirectX 8.1 compatible drivers)
  • Pentium® III 450MHz (recommended Pentium® III 700MHz or AMD Athlon/Duron processor)
  • 64MB RAM (recommended 128MB)
  • 128MB RAM for Windows® XP (recommended 256MB)
  • 3-D Graphics Accelerator Card with 16MB of RAM compatible with DirectX 8.1 and higher (recommended 32RAM and supports Hardware Transformations and Lighting)
  • Install requires 450MB Hard Disk
  • DirectX 8.1 or later (included) with compliant sound card
  • Quad Speed CD-ROM drive
  • Microsoft compatible mouse (recommended 3 button mouse with wheel) [August 2003: link obsolete]

© 2002 The Jim Henson Company JIM HENSON mark & logo, FARSCAPE mark, logo, characters and elements are trademarks of The Jim Henson Company. All Rights Reserved. Software © Simon & Schuster Interactive, a division of Simon & Schuster, the publishing operation of Viacom, Inc. Based on the television series FARSCAPE created by Rockne S. O'Bannon.


The box measures 7.5" x 5.25" x 1.25", and is metallic blue. Text on back matches that on the back of the CD jewelcase.

The publisher's website lists two different versions of this title:

  • LARGE BOX, ISBN: 0-743-52801-8
  • SMALL BOX, ISBN: 0-743-50443-7
Both listings carry the same pricetag, and the actual difference between them is not known. (The latter number matches the box in our collection.)

ADV Films Insert:

Also included with the final release version of the game is an insert from ADV, measuring 4"x6" and promoting their release of Farscape Season Two episodes on DVD. It reads, in part:

Winner of the Saturn Award for Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series

"It's Hot, It's Sexy...It's Aliens!"
   Richard Simms, TV Guide

Determined to avoid the villianous Scorpius' pursuit after the destruction of the Peacekeeper Gammak base, Moya - the sentient Leviathan spaceship that serves as home and transport for Crichton, Aeryn, D'Argo, and the rest of the crew - is forced to abandon her newborn offspring, Talyn, so that she and her crew can safely navigate the Uncharted Territories of space. As they traverse the galaxy in their quest for a way to their respective home worlds. Moya's crew must deal with the consequences of her decision, as well as encounter many hostile aliens and the dangers they present.

Farscape: The Game (Advance Promotion)

Advance copies of the Farscape computer game were distributed in the summer of 2002 to Farscape-related websites, as part of a marketing promotion. The advance copies included the game's instruction pamphlet but were packaged without the illustrated box used for the finished product. A sticker (with the same image used later on the box) was placed over a "test press" label on the front of the CD jewelcase; the test press label read:

        TEST PRESS


PCN:            CDTM2092040A9600
Selection #:    S5044310
Artist:         VIVENDI
Title:          1412
Cut Date:       07/26/02

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