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Farscape: Launch into the Uncharted Territories

This promotional CD was bundled with the April 2000 edition of "SciFi" (the official magazine of the SciFi Channel) as part of their advance advertising for Season Two.

The text on the rear of the cardstock jacket consists of:

This disk contains:

The Farscape Story
Character bios
Exclusive images
Behind the scenes footage
Screen Saver
Bonus Scenes
Hidden content!
See the March 17th [2000] Season 2 Premiere to unlock the secrets!!
System Requirements: Mac or PC with CD-Rom Drive
See the Read Me file for installation instructions.
™ & © The Jim Henson Company

An additional, oval sticker advertises "Fridays at 9 PM ET/8 C", with the SciFi Channel logo.

The disk includes several "hidden" files; to access this hidden material, users must enter three "code words", which were provided during commercial breaks in the Season Two premiere. The three words were:

  1. Br'Nee
  2. Talyn
  3. Ploppy

The hidden files themselves consisted of outtakes from Season One.

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