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Help! I'm lost!

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What's here, what's not, and how come?

This catalog lists collectible items related to Farscape, most specifically authorized by The Jim Henson Company and/or its production partners.

In a few cases, we have chosen to include privately crafted and/or unauthorized collectible items; please note this should not be construed as an endorsement of their manufacture or sale. The intent is not to condone trademark or copyright infringement, but to catalog the realities of the market. Such items are included solely at our discretion, when we consider them to be of particular interest.

We have also chosen to exclude most non-licensed works of art (prints, paintings, music videos, etc.), due to the volume and varying quality of such items. However, unique works of art may occasionally be included, again at our discretion, if we consider them to be of particular interest or quality.

How can I use this data?

Feel free to link to our main index page, and/or any of the more specific listing pages. No need to ask permission; linking is what makes the web work.

Reposting our material in English is out. Period. We don't like the word "no", so please don't make us use it by asking. We are assertive about protecting our material, and (if necessary) will file the appropriate formal complaints with ISPs, hosting companies, and/or domain registrars if our material is reposted on other sites (or in other media formats) without permission.

Reposting our material in another language is cool. Really cool! Please give us a heads-up before you put your translation of our material online; a link crediting us as the original source is required, and you must agree to follow the same terms of use as our original site (as outlined in this FAQ file). In return, we'll post a link to your translation for our non-English-speaking users.

Special note about images: for the purposes of eBay (and other auction) listings, you may link directly to the image of any item in the catalog, providing that you also clearly credit this site as the source, with a link to either the specific catalog page where the image is found, or the catalog's main index page.

This site's content may not be used for commercial ventures. You may not include our work in any product (including, but not limited to, CDs and books) offered for sale, without our express permission, as well as the permission of Farscape's copyright & trademark holders and their licensees.

Ooo, I want one of those...

Please note that we are not offering any of these items for sale or trade, nor recommending specific merchants. This resource is solely intended to catalog what exists in the Farscape collectibles market, not what items are worth or where they may be obtained (although production quantities and original retail prices may be listed, where known). Some items listed here may also be one-of-a-kind, out of print, or otherwise not in general circulation.

I've got something you don't got!

Cool. Wanna share? Zap us some email: if it sounds like something we'd like to include in the catalog, we'll need a photo (the higher resolution, the better); you'll be credited in the listing by name, with (at your discretion) a link to your email and/or website.

Okay, where's your email link?

Spam sucks. The clickable email links on our parent site get picked up by spammers' address harvesting software, and as a result, receive spam on an hourly basis. So, no clickable link here; you have to type the addy into your email client. Fortunately, it's short:

Notice for Litigarans

The sweat equity, errors, and some typos in The Snurcher's Cache are those of the site staff, who receive no compensation or endorsement from, and are not affiliated with, the show's production partners, cast, crew, staff, or critters of the week. Farscape is the property of Jim Henson Television, Hallmark Entertainment, and Nine Network Australia, each of which retains its respective trademarks and copyrights.

Comments, corrections, and contributions can be addressed to: