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Officially Licensed

Tack Pins

Set of eight pins, mounted on organically shaped backs, and each featuring a separate character.

Winona Charm

Officially licensed charm.

Moya Charm

Officially licensed charm.

Die-Cast Model of Moya Comms Badge

Measures 3 3/16" by 2". Body is cast metal with a tarnished bronze finish; rear side casting includes the text "TM & © Henson". Front of pin has two faux rivets, one at each end. Rivets are outlined in metallic silver paint, and covered with clear acrylic. Center is olive/tan plastic textured with a screen pattern. Comms attaches to clothing with a pin back.

The size of this item (offered as a DVD premium) appears slightly larger than the comms props used on the show.

Specially Produced Farscape One Watch

Body is 1 3/4", of silver metal with a outer dial of dark blue plastic designed to look like a stopwatch/tachymeter. Face consists of the Farscape One logo. Sweep hand is plain metal; hour and minute hands are metal with glow-in-the-dark painted highlights. Watch is battery powered.

Total watch length is 9 10/16".

Band is 3/4" wide translucent blue plastic with a silver buckle. Top side of band carries an opaque design: light blue globe pattern on a darker blue background, with an American flag on the buckle end, and the Farscape One logo on the opposite end. Band also carries the text, in white:


Distributed as a DVD premium.


Biko Pendant

Not sure where you've seen this before? Picture the headsets Moya's crew occasionally uses to communicate (for example, in Aeryn's Prowler) -- this pendant was used for the microphone end of the gear.

Privately Crafted

Hank Shiffman's Lapel Pins

See for full descriptions and ordering information.

Comms Badges

By far the most popular subject for DIY Scapers! This is just a modest selection of the myriad varieties we've come across.

Charm Bracelet Links

None of the examples we've come across appear to be licensed editions, although they all feature the Farscape name, logo, or photos.

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