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Rygel (12")

Produced by Toy Vault:

Item# 61001

Approximately 12 inches tall.

Rygel (Lifesize)

Produced by Toy Vault:

Item # 61000
UPC Code: 6 51174 61000 9
Product Dimensions: 25.6"x9.1"x19.5"
Suggested Retail Price: $149.99

Description: Completely lifesize Rygel plush, same size as seen on the Farscape TV Show. The 16th Dominar or the Hynerian Empire, ruler of 600 billion subjects, was disposed by a jealous cousin. Standing all of 26 inches tall, when he deigns to stand at all. Rygel zips around on his anti-gravity Throne Sled. Sled not included.


Produced by Toy Vault:

Item# 61002

Approximately 9 inches tall.

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