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   FarScape: Season 2
Title:   Farscape: Season 2
Category:   Base Set (see below for list of associated chase cards & other related items)
Released:   19 Oct 2001 by Rittenhouse Archives
Numbered:   73 - 144
Quantities:   Rittenhouse produced 600 cases, of 12 boxes, of 40 packs, of 9 cards each.

Each case contained one autograph card (600 total) as a "case topper".

Each box contained two costume cards (16,000 total). Every 2½ boxes contained one autograph card (2,880 total).

Jeff Allender's House of Checklists lists an expected common set completion rate of 4.11 per box.

Scans:   Scans are approximately 80% actual size. Original cards are a standard 3½" x 2½" size.

73, 74, 75
Cast Montage

Episode Title            Original Airdate

          S e a s o n   O n e
Exodus from Genesis...............3/26/99
Back & Back & Back to the Future...4/2/99
Throne for a Loss..................4/9/99
PK Tech Girl......................4/16/99
Thank God It's Friday.............4/23/99
I, ET..............................5/7/99
That Old Black Magic..............6/11/99
DNA Mad Scientist.................6/18/99
They've Got a Secret..............6/25/99
Til the Blood Runs Clear...........7/9/99
The Flax..........................7/16/99
Rhapsody in Blue..................7/23/99
Jeremiah Crichton.................7/30/99
Durka Returns.....................8/13/99
A Human Reaction..................8/20/99
Through the Looking Glass.........9/10/99
A Bug's Life......................9/17/99
The Hidden Memory.................1/14/00
Born to be Wild...................1/21/00
Family Ties.......................1/28/00

          S e a s o n   T w o
Mind the Baby.....................3/17/00
Vitas Mortis......................3/24/00
Taking the Stone..................3/31/00
Crackers Don't Matter..............4/7/00
Picture If You Will...............4/21/00
The Way We Weren't................4/14/00
Home on the Remains...............6/16/00
Dream a Little Dream..............6/23/00
Out of Their Minds.................7/7/00
My Three Crichtons................7/14/00
Look at the Princess, Part I......7/21/00
Look at the Princess, Part II.....7/28/00
Look at the Princess, Part III.....8/4/00
Beware of Dog.....................8/11/00
Won't Get Fooled Again............8/18/00
The Locket........................8/25/00
The Ugly Truth.....................9/8/00
A Clockwork Nebari................9/15/00
Liars Guns and Money, Part I.......1/5/01
Liars Guns and Money, Part II.....1/12/01
Liars Guns and Money, Part III....1/19/01
Die Me Dichotomy..................1/26/01

"Mind The Baby"

Crichton, D'Argo, and Aeryn are stranded on an asteroid after narrowly escaping Scorpius' Command Carrier. However, Aeryn must fly her Prowler frequently to nearby bases for supplies. Unknown to Crichton and D'Argo, she is also meeting with Crais on her trips, and has a secret deal with the renegade Peacekeeper Captain to share command of the newborn Leviathan Talyn.

Farscape Files
Part of Scorpius's uniform is a receptacle for a coolant rod, which screws into his head. The rod must be replaced frequently or Scorpius will suffer the 'living death'.

"Mind The Baby"

Moya returns to the asteroid field where Talyn was last seen, searching for her missing offspring, but there is great danger, as a Peacekeeper Command Carrier waits nearby with Scorpius aboard. Meanwhile, Crichton discovers Aeryn's "arrangement" with Crais. An enraged Crichton overpowers Crais and brings him to Moya as a prisoner. Talyn sends a Leviathan distress call, including the demand that Crais be brought to him immediately.

Farscape Files
Crais physically bonds with Talyn by means of a neural transponder attached to the base of his neck. Crais considers this a great honor.

"Mind The Baby"

Having no choice but to agree to Talyn's demands, Aeryn brings Crais aboard the young gunship, where he bonds physically to Talyn. Aeryn and Crais struggle for control, but Talyn takes Crais' side and targets his internal weapons on Aeryn. Crais betrays Scorpius and resigns his Peacekeeper commission. Talyn then StarBursts away, as does Moya, both escaping the approaching Command Carrier.

Written by: Richard Manning
Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest starring: Lani John Tupu (Capt. Crais), Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), David Franklin (Braca)

"Vita Mortis"

At a mysterious castle on a nearby planet, Crichton, D'Argo and Zhaan encounter an ancient Luxan, Nilaam, who is an Orican holy woman. She has need of D'Argo since Luxans require a helper to pass into the next realm. D'Argo is honored to assist Nilaam. Crichton is worried, though, that D'Argo could be killed during the ritual ceremony.

Farscape Files
Luxans use tattoos as symbols of rank and status. D'Argo has the tattoos of a General, even though he never attained that rank. He marked himself falsely as part of a ruse to help a real General avoid capture.

Errata: the correct episode title is "Vitas Mortis."

"Vita Mortis"

Nilaam and D'Argo begin the Luxan ritual of passing, but all does not go as planned. Tapping into D'Argo's great strength, Nilaam instead chants the incantation of renewal, and she is transformed into a young and beautiful woman! Refreshed with strength and vigor, Nilaam promises to help D'Argo search for his son. As D'Argo and Nilaam rejoice, Moya is undergoing changes. She is shedding pieces of her hull, spouting leaks, and Chiana is trapped in the sluice chamber, stuck in frozen fluids...

Farscape Files
The crew washes their clothes in Moya's Sluice Chamber, which is what Chiana was doing when she became trapped.

Errata: the correct episode title is "Vitas Mortis."

"Vita Mortis"

Pilot and Moya are experiencing symptoms of great age, and Nilaam realizes the strength she drew up on was not that of her fellow Luxan, but that of the Leviathan. D'Argo comes to the realization that he must sacrifice his newfound happiness in order to complete the ritual as planned. Nilaam agrees to undergo the ritual of passing, realizing the great moral wrong of taking Moya's life to extend her own. She dies after a thrust of D'Argo's Qualta blade, and passes into the next realm.

Written by: Grant McAloon
Directed by: Tony Tilse
Guest starring: Melissa Jaffa (Old Nilaam), Anne Lise Philips (Young Nilaam)

Errata: the correct episode title is "Vitas Mortis."
Errata: the first guest star's name is Melissa Jaffer.

"Taking The Stone"

Chiana looks to Crichton for solace, but he is busy fixing Moya's navigational systems and is too distracted to pay attention to the young Nebari. Experiencing great pain, she uses a tool to slice her abdomen open, revealing a lifedisc that is linked to her brother Nerri. As the light of the lifedisc disappears, Chiana realizes that her brother must now be dead. In her despair, Chiana steals a transport pod and travels to the nearby Royal Burial Planet.

Farscape Files
Lifediscs are surgically implanted into the body and provide a way to monitor the life functions of another member of the same species.

"Taking The Stone"

Crichton, Aeryn, and Rygel follow Chiana to the Royal Burial Planet, where they learn the young Nebari has taken up with the planet's residents, a group of young aliens who live underground in caves and use hallucinogenic mushrooms in their rituals. One of their most important rituals is "Taking the Stone," a jump off a 100 metra-high cliff into an invisible sonic net. The young aliens welcome Chiana into their group, and she draws special attention from their leader, Molnon.

Farscape Files
A sonic net reflects sound waves off the walls of the chasm and cushions the jumper. Aeryn reveals that sonic nets are used in Peacekeeper training.

"Taking The Stone"

Overwhelmed with grief over Nerri's death, Chiana plans on "Taking the Stone" and leaping into the chasm. Crichton discovers the real reason for the ritual. Radiation poisoning on the planet eventually kills its inhabitants at 22 cycles, and they would rather die dramatically than get "old". Unpersuaded by Crichton's attempts to stop her, Chiana jumps off the cliff as a test of her own resolve and courage. Although Chiana claims she is willing to die, she succeeds in deploying the sonic net and walks away unscathed. Chiana then buries the lifedisc in the Royal Tombs and returns to Moya.

Written by: Justin Monjo
Directed by: Rowan Woods
Guest starring: Anthony Hayes (Molnon), Peter Scarf (Das), Michela Noonan (Vyna), Natasha Beaumont (Janixx)

"Crackers Don't Matter"

The crew returns from the Commerce Planet with a large load of crackers (the only food available for trading), and blind alien, Traltixx, who claims he can create a device that will make Moya untraceable by the Peacekeepers. Crichton is distrustful and skeptical, but agrees to go along with the plan after a demonstration during which Traltixx makes the Farscape One Module temporarily invisible.

Farscape Files
Traltixx has no eyes, but his other senses are so heightened that he can move around with ease. However, this makes him very sensitive to loud sounds.

"Crackers Don't Matter"

Traltixx informs the crew that they must travel beyond a cluster of five pulsars to reach his workshop. As an aside, he mentions that the pulsar light may mentally affect "lesser beings." Confident that they will not be affected, the crew does not realize that they are gradually becoming more and more hostile to one other. Traltixx persuades Pilot to increase the light inside Moya, thus increasing Traltixx's powers. Meanwhile, Aeryn and Crichton begin shooting at each other.

Farscape Files
Zhaan is the only crewmember not affected by the pulsars. A form of plant-life, Zhaan becomes too busy enjoying a photogasm from the pulsars' intense light.

"Crackers Don't Matter"

Crichton eventually realizes that Traltixx is the true cause of the crew's problems and convinces Chiana, D'Argo, Aeryn, and Rygel to join him in planning Traltixx's defeat. Since human eyesight is weaker than that of Luxans, Nebari, Sebaceans, and Hynerians and since they all have become affected through their optic nerves, Crichton is selected to battle Traltixx. Crichton dones an armor suit made of panels scavenged from Aeryn's Prowler, with a light and heat reflective poultice made by Zhaan as well as Traltixx's invisibility generator. The bizarre looking outfit proves battle worthy, however, and Crichton destroys their alien nemesis.

Written by: Justin Monjo
Directed by: Ian Watson
Guest starring: Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Traltixx (Danny Adcock)

"Picture If You Will"

Chiana and Rygel discover exquisite treasures on the trading ship run by the mysterious Kyvan. Among the artifacts, Rygels finds an authentic Hynerian tiara at an absurdly low price, and Chiana is given a beautiful picture that changes its image. Kyvan refers to it as a "window in time." Shortly thereafter, the picture reveals an image of Chiana breaking her leg. Amazingly, Chiana breaks her leg only moments later.

Farscape Files
Rygel was once ruler of over 600 billion subjects in the Hynerian Empire, before his disloyal cousin, Bishan, usurped his throne.

"Picture If You Will"

Chiana's prized picture continues to predict the future, first depicting Chiana burning to death and later D'Argo being impaled. The macabre predictions all come true. The remaining crew flushes the picture out of an airlock into open space, but the picture soon reappears aboard Moya! Zhaan tells Crichton that she has an answer to the mystery, that she can't tell him what it is and that Crichton must trust her without reservation. He agrees, and Zhaan pushes him into an electrical conduit, apparently killing him!

Farscape Files
Maldis, was first seen in the episode "That Old Black Magic" during the show's first season. One of his favorite tactics is appearing in disguise, and in "Picture If You Will" he also appears as the trader Kyvan.

"Picture If You Will"

Crichton learns that he is trapped with D'Argo and Chiana inside the picture created by Maldis. After Kyvan reveals that Maldis is behind these bizarre events, Zhaan realizes she must once again face Maldis, whose corporeal body she dispersed in a prior encounter. Maldis plans to use the fears of Crichton, D'Argo, and Chiana to gain enough energy to return to his physical form, but his powers are sapped when Aeryn kills Kyvan and destroys Kyvan's ship. With Maldis' powers dissipated, Crichton, D'Argo, and Chiana cross through a portal into Moya's Maintenance Bay, and Crichton uses Aeryn's Prowler to defeat the fear vampire once again.

Written by: Peter Neale
Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest starring: Chris Haywood (Maldis & Kyvan)

"The Way We Weren't"

Chiana finds an old datacam tape that reveals a long-held secret -- Moya's pilot is actually her second symbiotic pilot. He was installed after Moya's first pilot resisted Peacekeeper captivity and was killed. According to the tape, Aeryn was a member of the team that eliminated the first pilot -- a team that included Velorek, an expert in Leviathans who was intimately involved with Aeryn.

Farscape Files
Moya's first pilot, a female, was bonded to Moya for 21 cycles. She sacrificed her own life to try and protect the Leviathan from the Peacekeepers.

"The Way We Weren't"

Aeryn admits she was involved in the removal of the first pilot. Although efforts are made to hide the datacam tape from Pilot, he learns of Aeryn's involvement and, in his rage, tries to kill her. He stops short of murder, but refuses to move Moya as long as Aeryn remains aboard. After enduring cycles of pain from an accelerated grafting process, and feeling himself unworthy of his Levaiahtan [sic] host, Pilot decides to break off contact with Moya and physically severs his connections to her.

Farscape Files
Most Peacekeepers are bred and raised specifically for military service. Reproduction is still a biological process, but procreation is assigned. Although life-long mates are forbidden, Peacekeeper High Command recognizes the urges of their troops and permits them to engage in as many short-term, intimate relationships they wish.

"The Way We Weren't"

With Moya drifting and uncontrollable, Aeryn reveals that she betrayed Velorek, who was actually trying to save Moya and undermine Crais' secret project to breed a Leviathan warship. In exchange for assignment to a Prowler regiment, she turned Velorek over to Crais and sealed Moya's fate. When Crichton and Aeryn face Pilot, he admits his own role in the matter. Pilot was anxious to be bonded to a Leviathan. In his eagerness, he agreed to cooperate with the Peacekeepers, thus assuring the death of the first pilot. Pilot still feels unworthy of Moya, but with Aeryn and Crichton's support, he agrees to reconnect and forge a new bond with the Leviathan.

Written by: Michael Cassutt
Directed by: Ian Watson
Guest starring: Alex Dimitriades (Velorek), Lani John Tupu (Crais)

Errata: the writing credit for this episode should be Naren Shankar.
Errata: the directing credit for this episode should be Tony Tilse.

"Home On The Remains"

Having completely run out of food, Moya's crew approaches a dead Budong, a giant animal carcass that is harvested by a mining colony. Nearing starvation, Zhaan begins to bloom and produce large amounts of pollen, which causes allergic reactions. Chiana has been to the Budong before, and hopes to find an old friend that might be able to give her some food. D'Argo, Rygel, and Crichton join her to avoid their strong reactions to Zhaan.

Farscape Files
Delvians evolved an ingenious defense system. When starving, they produce toxic buds to stun nearby animals. They then eat the animals to regain their strength.

"Home On The Remains"

Upon arrival in the Budong, Chiana, D'Argo and Crichton must beg for food from B'Sogg, the mining camp's boss. B'Sogg gives them only molds and lichens. If they want better food, they must work the mines or find another source for crystals, the local currency. Rygel tries gambling for crystals, but is hustled by locals who cheat better than he does. Chiana offers herself to B'Sogg in exchange for food for her friends, but he doesn't want one night. He wants her forever.

Farscape Files
Although the Budong is an enormous carcass, it isn't edible. It is filled with pockets of poisons and acids, and its only use is to be mined for the crystals that reside within it.

"Home On The Remains"

Atlana, an old friend of Chiana, offers to share a rich vein of crystals. D'Argo works the mine, but the Keedva monster dwelling there attacks and kills Atlana. Crichton suspects that B'Sogg will steal Atlana's crystals and heads into the mine to stop him. B'Sogg, who controls the Keedva, leaves the beast to kill Crichton, but the human outsmarts and kills the creature. Chiana then confronts B'Sogg and wounds him with acid from the Budong. Back on Moya, Zhaan fully recovers by eating Crichton's roasted Keedva.

Written by: Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman, Jr.
Directed by: Rowan Woods
Guest starring: John Brumpton (B'Sogg), Justine Saunders (Atlana), Rob Carlton (Vija), Hunter Perske (Temmon), Gavin Robins (Keedva)

Errata: the character's name is Altana.

"Dream A Little Dream"

Zhaan describes to Crichton an incident where she believed that D'Argo, Aeryn, and Crichton were possibly lost forever in space after the birth of Talyn, and the remaining crew were left to search for their shipmates. On the planet Litigara, Zhaan is framed for the murder of a leading political dissident and must stand trial for her life, while Moya impatiently wants to break orbit and continue the search for her newborn.

Farscape Files
Litigara's population is 90% lawyers. The remaining 10%, called Utilities, perform every other function a society needs, but are denied many basic rights.

"Dream A Little Dream"

Rygel and Chiana must act as Zhaan's defenders, but if they lie or mislead in their defense, they will suffer the same fate as Zhaan: execution. Unable to use their negotiating skills to their advantage, Rygel and Chiana begin to investigate the circumstances of the crime, and learn that the facts don't add up. Ja Rhumann, senior partner of the ruling law firm has framed Zhaan. Rhumann makes Chiana an offer she can't refuse, and Pilot also lets her know that Moya might leave at any minute, with or without them.

Farscape Files
Some Litigarans can't be outside while the planet's moons are full, as their fair skin makes them subject to powerful moon-burns.

"Dream A Little Dream"

While concluding their investigation, Rygel hatches a plan. Under Litigaran belief, the bright light of a torch held near a witness can be used in court to prove when someone is lying. Secretly, Chiana convinces Pilot to persuade Moya to stay a bit longer. Rygel and Chiana use Leviathan technology to make a torch used on the witness stand appear brighter, leading the presiding judge to believe that Ja Rhumann is lying in a cover-up. Zhaan is now freed, but the experience has been so traumatic that she returns fully to the Delvian priesthood, meditating, chanting and remaining incommunicado to her friends.

Written by: Steven Rae
Directed by: Ian Watson
Guest starring: Steve Jacobs (Ja Rhumann), Sandy Gore (Judge), Simone Kessell (Finzzi), Marin Mimica (Dersch), Peter Kowitz (Tarr)

"Out of Their Minds"

While searching for Talyn, Moya encounters a battered alien ship, and its captain dares Moya's crew to finish him off. Zhaan agrees to act as envoy and goes to the ship to talk peace. Since Moya has no weapons and could not have attacked, they are confused, until they learn it's a trick to draw them in. The enemy ship fires, but Moya protects herself with her defense screen. There seems to be nothing wrong, but some damage is done. Each member of Moya's crew discovers that he/she now inhabits another crew member's body!

Farscape Files
The Halosians' chief goal in life is to evolve -- a feat accomplished by registering a certain number of hostile kills. Halosians are as crafty and treacherous as they are violent. Their vomit is highly acidic and can travel on its own.

"Out of Their Minds"

Most of the crew functions well in their new bodies, except for Pilot who is in D'Argo's body and takes ill upon separating from Moya. Before passing out, Pilot must teach D'Argo how to interact with Moya and fly the ship, since the Luxan's mind is now in Pilot's body. Zhaan learns that among their new enemies, the Halosians, a captain must make as many hostile kills as possible to be promoted -- a process they call evolution. Captain Tack intends to use Moya's crew to advance his career. She also learns that Talyn, who must be nearby, attacked the Halosian ship.

Farscape Files
Rygel can't stand being in Crichton's body. In order to reclaim his throne someday he must appear as he has in the past, as only a Hynerian can be crowned Dominar.

"Out of Their Minds"

Zhaan persuades Tack, leader of the Halosian vessel, to inspect Moya for himself to confirm the Leviathan is unarmed. While being escorted by Rygel in Crichton's body, Tack vomits near the defense screen controls, disarming them with an acid, but Rygel does not realize the danger. Crichton and Aeryn deduce that the Halosian weapon must fire on Moya again with the defense screens at a certain power level in order to initiate mind-bind transfers once more. Zhaan negotiates with the remaining Halosian and convinces her that mutiny will be of benefit. Yoz eliminates Tack, and, while distracted, Zhaan fires the Halosian's weapon, returning everyone to their rightful bodies.

Written by: Michael Cassutt
Directed by: Ian Watson
Guest starring: Lani John Tupu (Capt. Crais), Dominique Sweeney (Tak), Thomas Holesgrove (Yoz)

"My Three Crichtons"

A pulsing globe of energy enters Moya. When Aeryn fires upon the entity, it envelops Crichton and embeds itself into Moya. Crichton is then thrown from the sphere, but in a weak and confused state. Moments later, another being is expelled from the energy sphere -- an ape-like creature who believes that he too is John Crichton. Soon after, a third being emerges from the object -- a version of Crichton with smooth skin and an enlarged Cranium. Will the real John Crichton please stand up?

Farscape Files
One of Crichton's nicknames for Chiana is "Pip" - a reference to the lead character in Charles Dickens' classic novel Great Expectations.

"My Three Crichtons"

Zhaan's DNA scans prove that all three of these beings are John Crichton. The mentally superior Crichton theorizes that the energy sphere is a research vessel from another dimension sent to collect life forms and study their evolution by genetically mutating them. The sphere is, in fact, endangering the Leviathan and all aboard by trying to pull Moya through an inter-dimensional portal. The only way to get the invading craft to leave Moya is to allow one of the Crichtons to return with it.

Farscape Files
To temporarily counteract the effects of the inter-dimensional force Crichton engages the defense screen at 85% power. The screen was first acquired from the lifeless hulk of the Peacekeeper carrior Zelbinion in season one's episode "PK Tech Girl."

"My Three Crichtons"

With his limited mental capacity, the primitive Crichton seems to be the logical choice to re-enter the sphere, but Chiana pities the creature and helps him into hiding. With the caveman Crichton at large, the mentally superior Crichton believes normal Crichton should enter the sphere. After a struggle, the advanced Crichton is killed. Realizing he doesn't belong in this dimension, the caveman Crichton carries the lifeless body of his genetic brother into the alien vessel.

Story By: Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman, Jr.
Teleplay By: Grant McAloon
Directed By: Catherine Millar

"Look At The Princess, Part I: A Kiss Is But A Kiss"

As Aeryn Sun and John Crichton share a tender moment that ends awkwardly, Moya enters the territory of the Breakaway Colonies. At first Moya's crew is confronted by floating Frag cannons and then refused landing due to an upcoming coronation on the planet below. Rygel persuades Counselor Tyno that he is bearing gifts for the Sovereign, and Moya's crew is permitted to land on the Royal Planet.

Farscape Files
Sebaceans settled the Breakaway Colonies many cycles ago, but they have always preserved their independence from Peacekeeper domination.

"Look At The Princess, Part I: A Kiss Is But A Kiss"

Crichton, Aeryn, Chiana, D'Argo and Rygel experiment with a special liquid at a coronation party. When applied to the tongue, it produces a sweet taste only when the user kisses a person with whom he/she is genetically compatible. Princess Katralla kisses Crichton, and the couple is a match. This sets in motion plans by the Royal Family to have Crichton marry the princess.

Farscape Files
Crichton is the only compatible mate for Princess Katralla due to his human genetics. Her DNA had been altered by her enemies to make her incompatible with all other Sebaceans.

"Look At The Princess, Part I: A Kiss Is But A Kiss"

Moya breaks orbit to escape Scorpius' Command Carrier and follows a mysterious signal. She encounters one of her "Builders," whom she worships as a god. With Moya gone, the rest of the crew remains trapped on the Royal Planet. Crichton doesn't want to marry Princess Katralla, but he faces a terrible dilemma. If he stays and marries the Princess, he will enjoy Royal protection from Scorpius. If not, Empress Novia will turn him over to Scorpius, who wants the Wormhole technology in his brain.

Written by: David Kemper Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest starring: Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Francesca Buller (Princess Katralla), Biana Chiminello (Jenavian Charto), Matt Day (Counsellor Elka Tyno), Tina Bursill (Empress Novia), Felix Williamson (Prince Clavor), Aaron Cash (Dregon), Gavin Robins (Cargn), Francesca Butler (ro-NA), Jonathan Hardy (Kahaynu)

Errata: Princess Katralla was played by Felicity Price.
Errata: ro-NA was played by Francesca Buller.

"Look At The Princess, Part II: I Do, I Think"

Betrothed to Princess Katralla of the Breakaway Colonies, Crichton is attacked by agents of Prince Clavor, who stands to inherit the throne if Crichton and Katralla are not married. Unknown to either of them, Clavor's fiancée Jinavian is secretly a Peacekeeper Agent, and she intervenes just in time to save Crichton from an early and untimely demise.

Farscape Files
Prince Clavor is working with Cargn, a Scarran, to take over the throne. Unknown to Clavor, the Scarrans plan to use the Breakaway Colonies as a base to attack the Peacekeepers.

"Look At The Princess, Part II: I Do, I Think"

For his protection, Crichton is secretly sent to an orbiting cargo vessel filled with gifts for the upcoming nuptials. ro-NA, the Royal Family's retainer, is sent with him, but she makes a secret deal with Scorpius and reveals Crichton's location. Meanwhile, Zhaan learns that the "Builders" plan to decommission Moya and to end her life. Since she is able to produce gunships, the "Builders" deem her too great a threat to the galaxy's stability and peace.

Farscape Files
Once married, Princess Katralla and John Crichton are to be immobilized as statues for 80 cycles in order to observe and learn how government functions in the Royal Chambers. This sebacean technology, however, has never been tested on a human.

"Look At The Princess, Part II: I Do, I Think"

Aboard the cargo vessel, Scorpius' henchman Lt. Braca ambushes Crichton. With the wormhole information in his brain making him too valuable to kill, Crichton overpowers ro-NA and Braca by acting insane. Crichton then flings himself out of the airlock and makes his way to a waiting transport pod just as floating Frag cannons destroy the cargo ship. He returns to the Royal Planet just in time to be wed -- and to be transformed into a statue, his fate for the next 80 cycles!

Written by: David Kemper Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest starring: Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Felicity Price (Princess Katralla), Biana Chiminello (Jenavian Charto), Matt Day (Counsellor Elka Tyno), Tina Bursill (Empress Novia), Felix Williamson (Price Clavor), Aaron Cash (Dregon), Thomas Holesgrove (Cargn), Francesca Butler (ro-NA), Jonathan Hardy (Kahaynu)

Errata: ro-NA was played by Francesca Buller.

"Look At The Princess, Part III: The Maltese Crichton"

Despite having been transformed into a statue alongside Princess Katralla, Crichton can see and hear. In fact, he witnesses his own beheading at the hands of the Cargn, the Scarran who remains determined to destroy the marriage between Katralla and Crichton. Cargn drops Crichton's "statuesque" head it into a vat of acid, but Jenavian, a Peacekeeper agent posing as the corrupt Prince Clavor's fiancée, rescues and returns his head to his body. She then converts crichton back to his normal human form.

Farscape Files
Prince Clavor was the culprit behind the genetic alteration that caused Princess Katralla's incompatibility with other Sebaceans. If she could not marry, he would inherit the throne and pave the way for an alliance with the Scarrans.

"Look At The Princess, Part III: The Maltese Crichton"

When Crichton's statue is discovered to be missing, Empress Novia threatens to execute all offworlders as punishment unless Crichton is found. Meanwhile, Zhaan pleads with the "Builder" Kahaynu for Moya's life. Kahaynu reveals that he was testing Zhaan to make sure she would command Moya responsibly -- a test she passes with flying colors, as she shows only caring and responsible behavior during the crisis.

Farscape Files
Leviathans were created by a powerful race of beings called "Builders." At first built as ordinary ships, the Leviathans developed sentience and became full living beings.

"Look At The Princess, Part III: The Maltese Crichton"

Cargn kidnaps Chiana in hopes of determining Crichton's location. Crichton returns to kill the Scarran, and D'Argo rescues Chiana before she is dropped into a vat of boiling acid. With Crichton's safe return, D'argo, Chiana, Aeryn, Rygel and Crichton can now go free, but not before learning that Princess Katralla is pregnant with Crichton's daughter. Although he is willing to return to the statis in hopes of raising his child with Katralla, Crichton learns that the alien technology won't work on him a second time. Counsellor Tyno, Katralla's true love, replaces Crichton and promises to raise his daughter as his own.

Written by: David Kemper Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest Starring: Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Bianca Chiminello (Jenavian), Matt Day (Tyno), Felix Williamson (Clavor), Aaron Cash (Dregon), Gavin Robins (Cargn), Jonathan Hardy (Kahaynu), Felicity Price (Princess Katralla)

"Beware Of Dog"

Chiana returns from a commerce planet with a new friend -- a cute little creature called a Vorc. More than just a pet, Vorcs apparently hunt down and devour unwanted parasites. Soon after, Crichton finds a hostile beast eating behind one of Moya's storage bulkheads. The others dispute his story -- until the monster attacks again and injures D'Argo. Moya's crew must now find the vicious creature and capture it alive -- so Zhaan can create an anti-venom for D'Argo.

Farscape Files
Aeryn and the Vorc initially don't get along. After biting her on the abdomen, the Vorc "marks his territory" all over Aeryn's quarters and then becomes "intimate" with her left leg.

"Beware Of Dog"

The Vorc serves as a "bloodhound," guiding Crichton and Aeryn through Moya's corridors, until the small creature metamorphoses into the vicious Ravorc -- the beast that attacked D'Argo. Crichton and Aeryn capture the Vorc in its cute and cuddly state, only to learn that it does not contain a trace of the toxins that are killing D'Argo. Perhaps there is another venomous creature aboard Moya.

Farscape Files
When D'Argo is dying from the venomous bite, Zhaan places his in Moya's neural clusters. Pilot has modified the energy fields within to fortify D'Argo's cells.

"Beware Of Dog"

Crichton and Aeryn release the Vorc, hoping it will lead them to the poisonous creature, but it transforms into the beast and attacks Rygel. Crichton and Aeryn shoot the Vorc, who has led them to a cocoon containing another Rygel -- the real Rygel. The parasite is disguised as Rygel and is about to attack Zhaan. Aeryn and Crichton arrive in time to blast the parasite, but the Vorc later dies in Aeryn's arms.

Written by: Naren Shankar
Directed by: Tony Tilse
Guest Cast: Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Martin O'Leary (Ravorc)

"Won't Get Fooled Again"

John Crichton wakes up and finds himself in a hospital bed on Earth with his father, Jack, looking down at him. Was his whole life on Moya a dream? Apparently, Crichton's Farscape One module survived the electromagnetic wave, but rather than go through the wormhole, he returned to Earth, crash-landing on the beach.

Farscape Files
In "A Human Reaction" Crichton could only see or recreate places he had already been -- when he looked into a ladies room, he saw nothing. In "Won't Get Fooled Again," Crichton looks into a ladies room, but this time sees a ladies room and a rather agitated woman.

"Won't Get Fooled Again"

Despite appearances, Crichton does not believe he's really on earth -- after all, he's been through that before (courtesy of The Ancients in "A Human Reaction"). Wary of this, John attacks his father to see if the elder Crichton is an alien. A doctor who looks a lot like Aeryn Sun tranquilizes the younger astronaut. Crichton then meets a psychiatrist who looks like Zhaan, a cocky astronaut with the appearance of D'Argo and a space agency administrator who resembles Rygel. Even Pilot and Scorpius are seen as musicians in a bar.

Farscape Files
At first, the world around him seems real, but when Crichton's mother arrives to comfort him, John knows he's in trouble. His mother has been dead for five years.

"Won't Get Fooled Again"

Scorpius appears to Crichton as a mental clone and explains that a Scarran captured him in an attempt to unlock the secret wormhole technology buried in Crichton's brain. Scorpius tries to help Crichton, but the human resists. The Scorpius mental clone later distracts the Scarran by momentarily shutting down Crichton's brain functions. Crichton overloads his pulse pistol and jams it into the Scarran's mouth. The resulting explosion kills Crichton's captor.

Written By: Richard Manning
Directed By: Rowan Woods
Guest Cast: Kent McCord (Jack Crichton), Carmen Duncan (Leslie Crichton), Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Lani Tupu (Crais), Murray Bartlett (DK), Thomas Holesgrove (Grath).

"The Locket"

After Aeryn's transport returns to Moya through a strange mist, the former Peacekeeper emerges from the ship as a frail old lady. Although she has been gone for just a few arns, Aeryn insists she has been away from Moya for 160 cycles and has outlived her husband and sons. She lives only for her granddaughter, whom she adores. She has returned to Moya to alert the others that they are, in fact, caught in time and Moya must vacate the mist before the Leviathan and her passengers are trapped forever.

Farscape Files
Stark returns in this episode, arriving on Moya in the transport pod he borrowed after the group escaped the Gammak base. He brings news to D'Argo that his son Jothee is being sold as a slave.

"The Locket"

Aeryn escapes from Moya and returns to the planet surface. Crichton follows and attempts to bring Aeryn back, but he is stopped by Aeryn's granddaughter, Ennix. Aeryn urges Crichton to return to the ship as the mist clears sufficiently to allow ships to pass through only once every fifty-five cycles. He leaves the planet, but as he tries to fly toward Moya, the mist disappears -- as does the Leviathan.

Farscape Files
The mist is a Center Halo, a place where all dimensions meet and time does not exist. To those on Moya, the mist clears every eight arns, but on the planet surface, the same event occurs only once every fifty-five cycles.

"The Locket"

The mist around Moya starts to harden and if Crichton and Aeryn are not recovered soon, Moya will be permanently trapped in time. When the mist finally does clear, Crichton and Aeryn return, but Aeryn dies during the flight. While living a lifetime on the planet surface, the aged Crichton devised a way to bring the ship back in time and instructs Pilot to execute a reverse StarBurst. The ship successfully goes back in time to a point before it had entered the mist, and thanks to Zhaan and Stark, narrowly avoids entering the mist a second time.

Written By: Justin Monjo
Directed By: Ian Watson
Guest Cast: Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Paul Goddard (Stark), Allyson Standen (Ennixx).

"The Ugly Truth"

Crais invites Moya's crew to a meeting aboard Talyn. The subject of discussion: a propsal to disarm the young gunship. It seems Talyn has been difficult to control and Crais wishes to install a non-lethal weapon -- a Plokavian dampening net. But, as the Plokavian arms dealers arrive, Talyn surprises his passengers by firing upon the approaching vessel, destroying it.

Farscape Files
The Plokavian vessel carries Novatrin gas. The gas, which is known to eat victims alive from the inside, is one of the six cargos forbidden to Leviathans.

"The Ugly Truth"

Moya's crew escapes Talyn in a transport pod, and Talyn StarBursts away. Before the crew can return to Moya, however, a second Plokavian vessel captures Crichton, Aeryn, D'Argo, Stark and Zhaan. Each prisoner is individually interrogated, and each reveals a different version of the events that took place aboard Talyn. The Plokavians grow impatient and suspect a cover-up.

Farscape Files
Stark explains that his mask keeps his energies in check and that his body is only a physical manisfestation of his true nature -- an incorporeal being whose energy can be transmitted through other realms.

"The Ugly Truth"

Unable to find the culprit, the Plokavians plan to execute all of their prisoners by means of dispersal. Since he may be able to survive dispersal, Stark accepts guilt for the incident. While the others are kept motionless by the Plokavians, Stark removes his mask and allows his physical form to be dispersed. On their way back to the ship, Moya's crew learns the truth about the incident. Talyn destroyed the Plokavian vessel in an effort to protect Moya from the threat of Novatrin gas carried aboard the alien ship.

Written By: Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman, Jr.
Directed By: Tony Tilse
Guest Cast: Paul Goddard (Stark), Lani Tupu (Crais), Peter Carroll (Gahv), Linda Cropper (Fento).

"A Clockwork Nebari"

Aeryn and Rygel, unusually calm and tranquil, return from a commerce planet with Varla and Melak, two Nebari intent on taking Chiana home. Despite injuries sustained in a battle with a Peacekeeper ship, the Nebari try to execute temporary mind cleansings on Moya's crew. Zhaan and D'Argo join Rygel and Aeryn in Nebari mental bliss, but, thanks to Scorpius' mental clone in his brain, Crichton resists the process.

Farscape Files
The Nebari mental cleansing process usually takes 100 years, but the version used here is a short-term, drug-induced process. Since Rygel has such a rapid metabolism, the effects of the drug soon wear off. The process does not work at all on Pilot.

"A Clockwork Nebari"

Crichton asks Chiana why the two Nebari are after her -- and why they refer to her as "the sister." Chiana doesn't seem to know. Her brother Nerri is apparently dead, and she and Nerri had fled Nebari Prime with permission, although it was later discovered they carried a virus that the Establishment planned to spread throughout the galaxy. When Nerri obtained an antidote, he made himself a target of the Nebari government.

Farscape Files
The Nebari were responsible for conquering the legendary Peacekeeper vessel, The Zelbinion, helmed by the ruthless Captain Selko Durka.

"A Clockwork Nebari"

Melak reveals that he is a member of the resistance and gives Chiana a message from her brother, who is alive. The Nebari Establishment has sent Varla and Melak to capture Chiana in order to draw out Nerri. With Moya unable to StarBurst, Crichton, Pilot and Rygel simulate a Peacekeeper attack on Moya, but the ruse ends when Varla tries to kill Chiana to keep her from giving Nerri's whereabouts to the Peacekeepers. Left with no alternative, Melak shoots Varla and heads for the Nebarri outpost alone.

Written By: Lily Taylor
Directed By: Rowan Woods
Guest Cast: Lani Tupu (Crais), Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Malcolm Kennard (Melak), Skye Wansey (Varla), Simon Bossell (Nerri).

"Liars, Guns And Money, Part I: A Not So Simple Plan"

Thought to be dead, Stark arrives on Moya with the news that D'Argo's son Jothee is being sold by slave traders. Stark's plan to free Jothee involves robbing a depository and using the proceeds to purchase Jothee and his fellow captors. Although most of Moya's crew believes the plan to be too dangerous, D'Argo heads for the depository anyway and is captured after using an access code given to him by Stark.

Farscape Files
The shadow depository is a type of bank run primarily for criminals, allowing them to secretly deposit their ill-gotten gains.

"Liars, Guns And Money, Part I: A Not So Simple Plan"

On Moya, Crichton and Aeryn are furious when they learn that Stark knew D'Argo would be captured when using the code -- but, it was all part of Stark's plan. D'Argo's use of the code would force the depository to change codes, thus giving Stark an opportunity to hack into the facility's security system. With D'Argo in custody, Moya's crew had no choice but to follow through on Stark's plan.

Farscape Files
Jothee is part of a shipment of Banik slaves -- Stark's race. Stark is a special breed of Banik, a Stykera, who have the ability to ease pain and suffering of those passing between realms.

"Liars, Guns And Money, Part I: A Not So Simple Plan"

Zhaan poses as a criminal to gain entrance to the depository and entrusts Natira, the depository's manager, with several allegedly "hot" items. Unbeknownst to Natira, Zhaan's cargo includes Rygel who, once locked in the vault, would fill Zhaan's cargo container with valuable currency. The plan proceeds without a hitch until Scorpius arrives to claim a deposit of his own. Despite Scorpius' presence, the theft is completed successfully, but not before Crichton meets face to face with Scorpius and learns why he has been experiencing flashes of Scorpius in his mind.

Written By: Grant McAloon
Directed By: Andrew Prowse
Guest Cast: Paul Goddard (Stark), Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Claudia Karvan (Natira), Nicholas Hope (Akkor), Matt Newton (Jothee), David Franklin (Lt. Braca), Adrian Brown (Gan), Jennifer Fisher (PK Nurse)

"Liars, Guns And Money, Part II: With Friends Like These..."

With ill-Gotten cash in hand, D'Argo makes contact with the slave traders, only to learn that Jothee has already been sold (along with a thousand Baniks) to Scorpius. Scorpius offers to trade Jothee for Crichton. With the help of a team of hired guns (and former foes), however, Crichton plans to storm the depository to free Jothee.

Farscape Files
Rorf and Rorg first appeared in the episode "Til The Blood Runs Clear" in the show's first season.

"Liars, Guns And Money, Part II: With Friends Like These..."

When Crichton, Aeryn and D'Argo leave Moya in search of the mercenaries, Chiana and Rygel learn that the loot stolen from the depository is, in fact, a colony of living creatures eating their way through Moya. The only way to destroy the creatures is through intense heat. Zhaan, with the support of Pilot and Moya, ignites a controlled burn of about one ninth of Moya's body.

Farscape Files
Durka first appeared in the episode "PK Tech Girl" in the show's first season. Durka, who had tortured Rygel aboard the Zelbinion, gets his payback when Rygel fatally stabs the former Peacekeeper captain in "Liars, Guns and Money."

"Liars, Guns And Money, Part II: With Friends Like These..."

Crichton and the others recruit Bekhesh (the Tavlek from "Throne for a Loss"), Teurac (a fire-breathing Sheyang from "PK Tech Girl"), Rorf (the Blood Tracker from "Til the Blood Runs Clear") and Zelkin (the Zenetan Pirate from "The Flax"). They arrive to find Moya badly burned, and the money to pay the mercenaries is gone. Jothee unexpectedly arrives on Moya, after Crichton surrenders himself to Scorpius.

Written By: Naren Shankar
Directed By: Catherine Millar
Guest Cast: Paul Goddard (Stark), Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Claudia Karvan (Natira), Nicholas Hope (Akkor), Matt Newton (Jothee), David Franklin (Lt. Braca), John Adam (Bekhesh), Jeremy Sims (Rorf), Jo Kerrigan (Rorg), David Wheeler (Durka), Lionel Haft (Zelkin), David Bowers (Kurz), Thomas Holesgrove (Teurac)

"Liars, Guns And Money, Part III: Plan B"

With Crichton in Scorpius' possession, Aeryn and Stark convince the mercenaries to mount a rescue attempt -- their payment lies within the walls of the depository. Meanwhile, in the depository, Scorpius and Natira examine Crichton and learn that the Neural chip Scorpius had implanted in the astronaut has been successful in extracting the wormhole technology imbedded in Crichton's brain. Meanwhile, Talyn arrives and links to his injured parent, giving her nutrients to help heal her.

Farscape Files
Crichton refers to Natira as Frau Blucher, the hideous matron played by Cloris Leachman in the classic comedy film "Young Frankenstein."

"Liars, Guns And Money, Part III: Plan B"

Blood Tracker Rorf is captured on his way to the depository and during torture, confesses that Moya's crew is planning an assault on the facility's generator that would leave the depository dark and vulnerable. When the operation begins, Scorpius and a group of guards meet Zhaan, Stark and Teurac at the generator. Unable to summon a fireball, Teurac blasts himself, causing an explosion sufficient to destroy the generator.

Farscape Files
The Neural chip implanted in Crichton's brain actually allows Scorpius to enter Crichton's mind. At one point, both Scorpius and his neural clone appear to Crichton.

"Liars, Guns And Money, Part III: Plan B"

When Crichton convinces Natira that Scorpius will not allow her to live, she releases him. Meanwhile, the Zenetans are ordered to deploy the Flax to protect Moya, but instead deploy it on Moya's transport pod, preventing it from picking up the crew. The Zenetans have apparently formed an alliance with Scorpius. Talyn arrives and destroys the Zenetan vessel, and in turn, the Flax. The pod then picks up Zhaan and Stark, while Crichton, Aeryn and the others find refuge in a deposit container. Talyn, the young leviathan gunship, then blasts away and obliterates the complex. Although the plan was a succeeds, Rorf and Teurac lose their lives.

Written By: Justin Monjo Directed By: Tony Tilse Guest Cast: Paul Goddard (Stark), Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Lani Tupu (Crais), Claudia Karvan (Natira), Nicholas Hope (Akkor), Matt Newton (Jothee), John Adam (Bekhesh), Jeremy Sims (Rorf), Lionel Haft (Zelkin), David Bowers (Kurz), Thomas Holesgrove (Teurac)

"Die Me, Dichotomy"

Flush with currency from their heist of the shadow depository, Moya's crew heads for an ice planet, where they hope a renowned healer can treat Moya's burns and remove the neural chip from Crichton's brain. Unfortunately, Scorpius' mental clone is unwilling to give up his host and exerts a tighter hold -- to the extent that Scorpius' personality overtakes and possesses Crichton.

Farscape Files
Diagnosan Tocot can intuit disease through inhalation. His olfactory organ is so sensitive that he must wear a mask to shield him from airborne bacteria that could prove fatal. A biological neutralizer protects him during surgery.

"Die Me, Dichotomy"

When Crichton flees Moya in the Farscape One module, Aeryn pursues him in her prowler. The chase in the ice planet's atmosphere culminates with Crichton/Scorpius ramming and disabling Aeryn's prowler, forcing her to eject over a frozen lake. Unable to disengage her harness from the seat assembly, she plunges along with it through the ice and into the freezing water.

Farscape Files
With his share of money from the shadow depository, D'Argo plans on buying a form and growing Prowsa fruit for wine.

"Die Me, Dichotomy"

Following a memorial service for Aeryn, Crichton regains control of his psyche and asks that Diagnosan Tocot remove the Neural chip from his brain. The chip is removed, but in order to do so, Tocot must temporarily disconnect Crichton's speech center. Before Tocot can restore it, Scorpius arrives to take possession of the chip and incapacitates the healer, leaving Crichton speechless and helpless on the operating table.

Written By: David Kemper Directed By: Rowan Woods
Guest Cast: Paul Goddard (Stark), Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Lani Tupu (Crais), Hugh Keays-Byrne (Grunchlk), Matt Newton (Jothee), David Franklin (Lt. Braca), Thomas Holesgrove (Diagnosan Tocot)

142, 143, 144

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73  Cast Montage 1
74  Cast Montage 2
75  Cast Montage 3
76  Mind the Baby
77  Mind the Baby
78  Mind the Baby
79  Vitas Mortis
80  Vitas Mortis
81  Vitas Mortis
82  Taking the Stone
83  Taking the Stone
84  Taking the Stone
85  Crackers Don't Matter
86  Crackers Don't Matter
87  Crackers Don't Matter
88  Picture If You Will
89  Picture If You Will
90  Picture If You Will
91  The Way We Weren't
92  The Way We Weren't
93  The Way We Weren't
94  Home on the Remains
95  Home on the Remains
96  Home on the Remains
97  Dream a Little Dream
98  Dream a Little Dream
99  Dream a Little Dream
100 Out of Their Minds
101 Out of Their Minds
102 Out of Their Minds
103 My Three Crichtons
104 My Three Crichtons
105 My Three Crichtons
106 Look at the Princess, Part I
107 Look at the Princess, Part I
108 Look at the Princess, Part I
109 Look at the Princess, Part II
110 Look at the Princess, Part II
111 Look at the Princess, Part II
112 Look at the Princess, Part III
113 Look at the Princess, Part III
114 Look at the Princess, Part III
115 Beware of Dog
116 Beware of Dog
117 Beware of Dog
118 Won't Get Fooled Again
119 Won't Get Fooled Again
120 Won't Get Fooled Again
121 The Locket
122 The Locket
123 The Locket
124 The Ugly Truth
125 The Ugly Truth
126 The Ugly Truth
127 A Clockwork Nebari
128 A Clockwork Nebari
129 A Clockwork Nebari
130 Liars Guns and Money, Part I131 Liars Guns and Money, Part I
132 Liars Guns and Money, Part I
133 Liars Guns and Money, Part II
134 Liars Guns and Money, Part II
135 Liars Guns and Money, Part II
136 Liars Guns and Money, Part III
137 Liars Guns and Money, Part III
138 Liars Guns and Money, Part III
139 Die Me Dichotomy
140 Die Me Dichotomy
141 Die Me Dichotomy
142 Checklist 1
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144 Checklist 3

Behind-The-Scenes With David Kemper (1:5 Packs)

BK1  Mind the Baby
BK2  Vitas Mortis
BK3  Taking the Stone
BK4  Crackers Don't Matter
BK5  Picture If You Will
BK6  The Way We Weren't
BK7  Home on the Remains
BK8  Dream a Little Dream
BK9  Out of Their Minds
BK10 My Three Crichtons
BK11 Look at the Princess, Part I
BK12 Look at the Princess, Part II
BK13 Look at the Princess, Part III
BK14 Beware of Dog
BK15 Won't Get Fooled Again
BK16 The Locket
BK17 The Ugly Truth
BK18 A Clockwork Nebari
BK19 Liars Guns and Money, Part I
BK20 Liars Guns and Money, Part II
BK21 Liars Guns and Money, Part III
BK22 Die Me Dichotomy

The Quotable Farscape (1:5 Packs)

Q1  Mind the Baby
Q2  Vitas Mortis
Q3  Taking the Stone
Q4  Crackers Don't Matter
Q5  Picture If You Will
Q6  The Way We Weren't
Q7  Home on the Remains
Q8  Dream a Little Dream
Q9  Out of Their Minds
Q10 My Three Crichtons
Q11 Look at the Princess, Part I
Q12 Look at the Princess, Part II
Q13 Look at the Princess, Part III
Q14 Beware of Dog
Q15 Won't Get Fooled Again
Q16 The Locket
Q17 The Ugly Truth
Q18 A Clockwork Nebari
Q19 Liars Guns and Money, Part I
Q20 Liars Guns and Money, Part II
Q21 Liars Guns and Money, Part III
Q22 Die Me Dichotomy

Alien Life (1:10 Packs)

AL1  Delvians
AL2  Luxans
AL3  Hynerians
AL4  Leviathans
AL5  Nebari
AL6  Scarrans
AL7  Sebaceans
AL8  Baniks
AL9  Vocarian Blood Trackers
AL10 Tavleks
AL11 Sheyangs
AL12 Plokavians

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CC1  John Crichton
CC2  John Crichton
CC3  John Crichton
CC4  Stark
CC5  Rygel XVI
CC6  Ka D'Argo
CC7  Scorpius
CC8  Captain Crais
CC9  Chiana
CC10 Chiana
CC11 Chiana
CC12 P'au Zotoh Zhaan
CC13 P'au Zotoh Zhaan

Autograph Cards (1:100 Packs)

A7  Virginia Hey as P'au Zotoh Zhaan
A8  Lani Tupu as Captain Bialar Crais
A9  Wayne Pygram as Scorpius
A10 David Kemper as Executive Producer
Exclusive Binder Autograph
A11 Chris Haywood as Maldis
Exclusive Case Topper Autograph
A12 David Wheeler as Durka


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