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   FarScape: Season 3
Title:   Farscape: Season 3
Category:   Base Set (see below for list of associated chase cards & other related items)
Released:   16 Oct 2002 by Rittenhouse Archives
Numbered:   145 - 216
Quantities:   Rittenhouse produced 600 cases, of 12 boxes, of 40 packs, of 9 cards each.

Each case contained ___ card (___ total) as a "case topper".

Each box contained ___ costume cards (___ total). Every 2½ boxes contained ___ autograph cards (___ total).

Jeff Allender's House of Checklists lists an expected common set completion rate of 4.70 per box.

Scans:   Scans are approximately 80% actual size. Original cards are a standard 3½" x 2½" size.

145, 146, 147
Cast Montage

"My name is John Crichton (I'm lost), an astronaut (shot through a wormhole) in some distant part of the universe (I'm trying to stay alive) aboard this ship (this living ship) of escaped prisoners (my friends).

"If you can hear me (beware), if I make it back (will they follow?), if I open the door (are you ready?), Earth is unprepared (helpless) for the nightmares I've seen.

"Or should I stay (protect my home), not show them (you exist)? But then you'll never know (the wonders I have seen)."

"Season Of Death"

Crichton is on Tocot's operating table, unable to speak, and the Diagnosan is unconscious on the floor beside him. Although Scorpius has retrieved the chip from Crichton's brain, his neural clone is still inside the astronaut's mind. His Command Carrier delayed, Scorpius hides on the ice planet and takes control of Grunchlk's mind, using him to convince Zhaan, D'Argo and Stark that their enemy has left the planet.

Farscape Files
Tocot's "specimens" are frozen in a state between life and death so that their parts may be salvaged for use by others.

"Season Of Death"

When D'Argo, Stark and Zhaan discover Crichton, Zhaan tries to mercifully end his suffering, but D'Argo stops her. When Tocot repairs Crichton's speech, he tells D'Argo that he does not want to live without Aeryn. Unbeknownst to Scorpius, or to Moya's crew, a frozen Scarran is based at the medical facility with orders to be revived upon Scorpius' return. When the Scarran is revived, Scorpius uses Grunchlk's mind to send the Scarran after Crichton. Meanwhile, aboard Moya, Jothee and Chiana get very close.

Farscape Files
Tocot found three specimens suitable to be used as donors for Crichton. One of these "Interions" is sacrificed to save Crichton. Crichton insists that the others be brought aboard Moya.

"Season Of Death"

When Zhaan discovers Aeryn's frozen body, she performs a unity to revive her, but Aeryn rejects the effort. But, when Zhaan is attacked, Aeryn emerges from the chamber and saves her with D'Argo's Qualta. Meanwhile, D'Argo and Crichton defeat the Scarran (with help from the rejuvenated Aeryn). Talyn destroys Scorpius' prowler, but it was a decoy, leaving Scorpius safe on the planet's surface. Back on Moya, Crichton learns that Zhaan's unity with Aeryn has drained the Delvian, leaving her dying.

Farscape Files
Written by: Richard Manning
Directed by: Ian Watson
Guest Cast: Matt Newton (Jothee), David Franklin (Lt. Braca), Hugh Keays-Byrne (Grunchlk), Thomas Holesgrove (Diagnosan Tocot/Plonek), Aaron Catalan (Officer Kobrin)

"Suns And Lovers"

While Moya's crew enjoys some R&R on a commerce station, the facility is practically destroyed by a violent storm. During the storm, Moya is jolted into the docking ring, causing one of the frozen Interions to be brought back to life -- but then dies. Meanwhile, Crichton and Aeryn set out to rescue a trapped child. Pilot's scan reveals that the storm was diverted toward the station. Moordil, the bartender, admits that the station is the target of religious zealots.

Farscape Files
Kampeks are a group of religious zealots, whose extreme behavior is an effort to defend an area of space known as the Sacred Stillness.

"Suns And Lovers"

While Zhaan continues to weaken, a mysterious ship found in the wreakage of the commerce station is brought aboard Moya. Meanwhile, D'Argo's sensitive olfactory organ inadvertently leads him to the discovery of Jothee and Chiana's affair. Security officer Borlik is revealed to be a Kampek and appears to be generating a signal from her own body. To prevent capture, Borlik levitates and adheres herself to a hydrohonium steel exhaust pipe.

Farscape Files
A Union Tattoo is a Luxan symbol for courage, honor and loyalty. D'Argo angrily burns the mark into his son's flesh when he learns of Jothee and Chiana's relationship.

"Suns And Lovers"

To try to confine Borlik's signal, Crichton traps her in the dead Interion's hydro steel freezing chamber. Aeryn saves several children aboard the station, and then Moya travels away, hoping that the storm will follow Borlik's signal. Borlik escapes from the freezing chamber and attaches herself to Moya, unaware that she has adhered herself to a panel that can be jettisoned. Pilot releases Borlik into the storm's path and Moya easily escapes. Having betrayed his father, Jothee decides to leave Moya.

Farscape Files
Written by: Justin Monjo
Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest Cast: Matt Newton (Jothee), Leanna Walsmann (Borlik), Thomas Holesgrove (Moordil), Jessica Fallico (Alien Girl), David Lucas (Cryoman)

"Self Inflicted Wounds: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a"

While en route to a planet that might heal Zhaan, Moya encounters a wormhole. Before Crichton can investigate, another vessel collides and fuses with Moya. The ship is a research vessel led by Pathfinder Neeyala. The two ships are now trapped in between a serious of wormholes. The research ship must repair its damaged Phaztillon Generator and separate from Moya, and then both ships must escape through a narrow gap between wormholes that occur every 1/3 of an arn.

Farscape Files
The alien research craft travels via non-thermal dimensional forces and was regaining dimensionality when it suffered a massive burst of photonic distortion and fused with Moya.

"Self Inflicted Wounds: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a"

While Moya's passengers hurry to seal off any hull breaches before their upcoming escape, Rygel unwittingly opens the final Interion's freezing chamber, releasing and restoring its occupant, Jool. Upon learning that she has been frozen for 22 cycles, Jool lets out a blood-curdling (and metal-melting) scream. Soon after, StarBurst is attempted, but it becomes clear that the ships must be separated before attempting escape. Since Neeyala needs more information about their position, Crichton uses his module to gather the data.

Farscape Files
Jool's full name is Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis.

"Self Inflicted Wounds: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a"

Zhaan's vision of a serpent turns out to be a real, wormhole-dwelling creature. Neeyala explains that only one ship can survive by leveraging against the other, and that her ship has a better chance, since Moya has become so weak. The crew makes the difficult decision to abandon Moya and go with Neeyala. Crichton's sorrow dissipates when he see The Three Stooges in the device he used to measure the wormhole. His excitement is interrupted, however, when the serpent attacks. TO BE CONTINUED....

Farscape Files
Written by: David Kemper
Directed by: Tony Tilse
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), Victoria Longley (Neeyala), Nicholas Hope (Kreetago), Dwayne Fernandez (Cresto), Kerith Atkinson (Shreena), Brian Carbee (Lastren)

"Self Inflicted Wounds: Wait For The Wheel"

Grasping the ledge for dear life and under attack from the serpent, Crichton uses his pistol to repel the creature. When Zhaan identifies the serpent's blood as the blood of Neeyala's species, Moya's crew begins to doubt the researcher's veracity. In fact, Phaztillon Generator allows Neeyala's crew to become invisible so they can help Moya deteriorate, thus forcing the Leviathan's crew to abandon their ship. Neeyala admits to sabotaging Moya, but has no way to contact her final invisible invader.

Farscape Files
Zhaan's illness has reached the stage where she must be planted in the ground and take root.

"Self Inflicted Wounds: Wait For The Wheel"

When Neeyala's invisible crewmember attacks, Chiana is struck by a poisonous needle, but D'Argo scores a hit. To give Moya a better chance, Stark, D'Argo and Rygel try to restore some of Pilot's connections. Meanwhile, Crichton and Aeryn face off against the serpent. They defeat the creature, but Pilot's quarters are damaged and the passages leading to it are decompressed. Aeryn assesses the damage and learns that the seal within his chamber has held and the room is still pressurized.

Farscape Files
Neeyala's crew has a great encouragement to return with the information they've gathered -- their families will suffer if the ship does not return.

"Self Inflicted Wounds: Wait For The Wheel"

Moya pumps her adrenal secretions and Pilot starts to revive, but Neeyala escapes to her vessel. Before Crichton reaches her, she infuses her ship's beacon into Moya's hull, seemingly making Moya a pursuit target for yet another set of species. When she attacks Crichton, he pushes Neeyala into a device, disintegrating her. To escape, Moya must StarBurst after the Phaztillon Generator is activated, but someone must be aboard the doomed research vessel to activate the generator. Zhaan makes the sacrifice.

Farscape Files
Written by: David Kemper
Directed by: Tony Tilse
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), Victoria Longley (Neeyala), Nicholas Hope (Kreetago), Dwayne Fernandez (Cresto), Kerith Atkinson (Shreena), Brian Carbee (Lastren)

"Different Destinations"

At a Peacekeeper memorial, Moya's crew uses special temporal goggles to see the event commemorated, even though it took place 500 cycles ago. Stark's inner energy amplifies the vision into reality, sending D'Argo, Aeryn, Stark, Jool and Crichton into the past. Their involvement in the legendary battle changes the present -- and Pilot now receives communication in Venek, instead of Sebacean. Aeryn learns the "hero" of the battle, Sub-Officer Dacon, is the outfit's meek cook.

Farscape Files
Although Venek technology disrupts pulse weaponry, Crichton and Aeryn's pulse pistols work in the past because they have newer models than those used 500 cycles ago.

"Different Destinations"

Stark locates the temporal tear and D'Argo throws Jool through the portal, but she lands in a stark and desolate world. Apparently, the peace made on the planet 500 cycles ago was undone by Moya's crew's actions in the past. Crichton tries to broker peace with a captured Venek general who agrees not to harm the women and children. Crichton is about to return him to his army, but one of the nurses shoots and kills the Venek leader.

Farscape Files
The battle on the planet surface is all about water. The Veneks' water supply has dried up and they are trying to get at the water source inside the mountain.

"Different Destinations"

The Veneks threaten a morning attack. Crichton knows he must bring about peace -- and, as the legend says, Sub-Officer Dacon must die a hero. While delivering the surrender, Dacon is killed, but the timeline is not corrected. Crichton and Aeryn seem to fix things when they repel the Venek attack, but when Moya's crew returns to the present, the temporal goggles reveal that the Veneks slaughtered the nurses in search of the "soldiers" who defended the outpost.

Farscape Files
Written by: Steve Worland
Directed by: Peter Andrikidis
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), Lucy Bell (Nurse Kelsa), Basia A'Hern (Cyntrina), Marshall Napier (General Grynes), Dan Spielman (Sub-Officer Dacon), Terry Serio (Colonel Lennok), Alan Cinis (Officer Tarn)

"Eat Me"

Their transport pod damaged and unable to return to Moya, Crichton, Chiana, Jool and D'Argo dock on an old, control-collared Leviathan. They soon learn that mutant scavengers are feeding on the ship and its pilot. While searching the ship, the scavengers attack Chiana, but she repels them. D'Argo goes looking for Chiana, but he is captured. Crichton tries to save him, but before he can, the scavengers inject a needle into D'Argo's brain, apparently killing him.

Farscape Files
In order to repair the transport pod, 3K wire and Narium coils are needed, which can be salvages from the Leviathan, Rovhu.

"Eat Me"

Moya was not at her rendezvous location because she had StarBurst in response to a distress call from Talyn. Aeryn boards Talyn and finds the ship has been attacked and Crais is unconscious. Meanwhile, Crichton learns the Leviathan Rovhu was a prison ship and a madman named Kaarvok, who feasts on the brains of its inhabitants, was her passenger. Kaarvok captures Chiana and creates a perfect replica of her. He feasts on one's brain, allowing the other Chiana to escape.

Farscape Files
The scavengers feeding on the Leviathan Rovhu and her pilot are called Xarai and are former Peacekeepers that have been cloned and cloned over again.

"Eat Me"

Crichton tries to help Rohvu's injured pilot, but Kaarvok kills the symbiont. Chiana locates a duplicate of D'Argo's in chains and she frees him. To defeat Kaarvok, Crichton plans to initiate a StarBurst, knowing that executing such a maneuver while in the control collar will destroy the ship. He traps Kaarvok with the Xanai and returns to the repaired pod, but a Crichton double, created by Kaarvok's machine, follows him, and they take off as the Leviathan destroys itself.

Farscape Files
Written by: Matt Ford
Directed by: Ian Watson
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), Shane Briant (Kaarvok), Lisa Griffiths (Belima)

"Thanks For Sharing"

In order to save Talyn, Chromextin must be acquired from the planet Kanvia -- a transaction requiring approval of Kanvia's security director, Rinic Tolven. When D'Argo gets into a fight with Tolven on the planet's surface, their chances of success are damaged. Back on Moya, Crais regains consciousness and sees Aeryn alive for the first time since he attended her funeral. he explains that Talyn was attacked by the Peacekeepers -- and Aeryn's mother, Senior Officer Xhalax Sun is leading the retrieval squad.

Farscape Files
Surprisingly, Jool has medical experience, with "T" ratings in Genetics, Neuroscience and Xenobiology.

"Thanks For Sharing"

The Chromextin sale is denied and the visitors are given one arn to leave. Crais manages to aim Talyn's guns at the surface and a quick bluff from Crichton gains the astronaut an invitation to meet the Sovereign. A lie-detecting creature proves that Crichton has no interest in the internal bureaucracy of the planet. The sovereign then agrees to provide the Chromextin, but his daughter, Sarova, later tells Crichton that her brother will try to block the transaction.

Farscape Files
Security director, Rinic Tolven, is also the son of the sovereign.

"Thanks For Sharing"

When Crichton is injured in an explosion, the second Crichton returns to the surface to pick up the Chromextin. Crichton administers the lie detecting creature to Tolven, whose skull is pierced when he lies about his intentions. Sarova then takes the throne by force and begins an attack, but Moya and Talyn StarBurst to safety. We then learn a creature working for Xhalax Sun possessed Sarova. As for the two Crichtons, one is aboard Moya, and one is with Talyn.

Farscape Files
Written by: Clayvon C. Harris
Directed by: Ian Barry
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), Rebecca Gibney (Sarova), Rovert Bruning (Pralanoth), Sandy Winton (Tolven), Linda Cropper (Xhalax Sun), Julianne Newbould (Felor), Hunter Perske (Bloy)

"Green Eyed Monster"

While orbiting a planet, Talyn is devoured by a huge creature -- a budong. Aeryn and Crichton suit up and go outside to shoot a harpoon into the side of the budong to anchor Talyn and prevent him from being digested. While returning in a transport pod, Rygel and Stark are also attacked by the budong but narrowly escape. Crichton stumbles on a data chip in Crais' quarters and plays it -- revealing video of Crais and Aeryn in a compromising situation.

Farscape Files
Crichton fondly refers to his pulse pistol as Winona.

"Green Eyed Monster"

Crais plans to navigate through the budong's digestive tract and leave through the other end, but Stark explains that a budong's stomach is an inferno and nothing ever gets out alive. Talyn panics -- sending Crais into extreme pain and away from Talyn's Command. Eventually Crais is found trying to release Talyn from the harpoon. Crais is suffering from cybernetic bleedback, and Talyn has the ability to control Crais. In order to stop Talyn, Aeryn knocks Crais out with an electrical shock.

Farscape Files
Although Talyn was designed for only one captain's "hand of friendship," Crais has designed a modified a transponder for insertion into Aeryn.

"Green Eyed Monster"

Stark has a plan. By mixing ice and sezium fuel with an ignition source, the resulting explosion will make the budong vomit and the ship will be expelled. While Crichton is outside arming the harpoon's warheads, Talyn maneuvers to leave him behind. When Aeryn reveals her true feelings about Crichton to Talyn, the young Leviathan allows Crichton to board before the detonation. Crais then gives Aeryn the datachip that Crichton saw -- revealing that Talyn had made some creative revisions to it.

Farscape Files
Written by: Ben Browder
Directed by: Tony Tilse
Guest Cast: None

"Losing Time"

As Moya approaches an electromagnetic cluster, an entity seems to enter and exit Crichton, causing him to bleed. Pilot suggests it may be caused by someting Kaarvok did when replicating Crichton. When Crichton plays back a DRD recording, they watch in disbelief as the entire group spasms and freezes for half an arn. Meanwhile, Scorpius sends a prowler into a wormhole, but the first test subject returns in a liquified state.

Farscape Files
Below Moya's neurocluster there is a chamber where Pilot has no sense receptors -- it is near the chamber where the energy of StarBurst first coalesces.

"Losing Time"

Pilot, possessed by an entity named Talip, warns D'Argo, Chiana, Crichton and Jool that, for one of them, "judgement starts." Talip is in search of a diseased energy rider who currently resides inside a member of Moya's crew. When a DRD leads Crichton and Chiana to the StarBurst chamber below Moya's neurocluster, Crichton can see the energy rider over Chiana. The rider insists she means no harm to Chiana, but believes Talip is capable of killing.

Farscape Files
The energy rider can be in one of Moya's crew because it's a child -- an adult rider's power would destroy them.

"Losing Time"

Eventually, Talip pulls the rider out of Chiana, but now, he himself does not wish to leave Moya. Crichton devises a plan -- Moya will redirect StarBurst energy into Pilot's chamber in an effort to expel Talip from Pilot. Crichton then convinces Talip to leave Pilot long enough for him to be vaporized by the StarBurst energy. Back on the Command Carrier, puzzled as to why Crichton is able to survive reentry from wormholes, Scorpius is now having dreams of Crichton.

Farscape Files
Written by: Justin Monjo
Directed by: Catherine Millar
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), David Franklin (Lt. Braca), Jo Kerrigan (Linfer), Danny Adcock (Co-Kura Strappa), Ian Bliss (PK Scientist Drillic), Tux Akindoyeni (PK Pilot Rinon)


While Talyn recuperates on a jungle planet, the crew waits -- but Crichton and Aeryn do more than just wait -- they find another way to pass the time. Another ship then enters the atmosphere -- the Peacekeeper retrieval squad. While fighting the retrieval squad, Aeryn is subdued by Xhalax Sun but then overtakes her. Crichton assists a wounded Crais, but the squad's trackers pursue them both. Aeryn reveals her identity to her mother -- and takes her as prisoner back to Talyn.

Farscape Files
The Vigilante is the Peacekeeper ship charged with retrieving Talyn. It is under the command of Aeryn's mother, Xhalax Sun.


Back on Talyn, Xhalax uses a hidden blade to escape her ties and in the ensuing scuffle, she stabs Rygel and knocks out Stark and Aeryn. Rygel is imprisoned with Stark, who treats the dominar's wounds. Xhalax then begins to sever Talyn's higher functions to subdue him. Still lost with Crais, Crichton figures out that Crais is also being hunted by the squad and was assisting Moya only to help himself. He ties Crais up and leaves him to be found (or so it seems).

Farscape Files
Xhalax's retrieval squad consists of mercenary Colartas. These creatures are expert trackers, but they are impaired by the gravity of the jungle planet.


Aeryn appeals for Talyn's life, but Xhalax is unmoved -- love for her illegitimate daughter cost her dearly -- and she could only redeem herself to PK high command early in her career by killing Aeryn's father. The Colarta trackers attack Crais, but Crichton rescues him. As Xhalax is about to shoot Crais and Crichton, Aeryn tackles Xhalax, but Xhalax takes the upper hand and holds Aeryn at gunpoint. Crichton rescues, but does not want Aeryn to kill her mother -- Crais will be the one to pull the trigger.

Farscape Files
Written by: Rockne S. O'Bannon
Directed by: Peter Andrikidis
Guest Cast: Linda Cropper (Xhalax Sun), Thomas Holesgrove (Vek), Dominique Sweeney (Thek and Kek)


After another pilot returns liquified, officer Linfer is confident she can address the problem and volunteers to take the next flight. Meanwhile, to decrypt information in Crichton's neurochip, Scorpius has the chip implanted into his own brain, and visits with a neural image of Crichton. Scorpius gives John some personal information about himself -- that he was born in Sebacean heat delirium and raised by a Scarran named Tauza who taught him strength, control and the weaknesses of Sebacean physiology.

Farscape Files
Neural spillover replicated elements of Crichton's personality and this duplicate of John's psyche exists only in the neurochip.


On board Moya, Crichton continues his search for wormholes. After 15 solar days, D'Argo urges Crichton to allow Jool and Chiana to leave the ship for a while as they're driving each other crazy. Crichton agrees, but only if the latest triangulation turns up nothing. A Peacekeeper Prowler suddenly approaches, sending a distress signal. It is Linfer's ship. She seems to have solved the problem that liquified the other pilots and offers Crichton the secret behind phase shielding -- in exchange for Moya.

Farscape Files
Linfer is a Relgarian and her offer intrigues Pilot. Relgarians have a long history of using Leviathans for deep space exploration -- something that Moya and Pilot have always wished to do.


Scorpius reveals the secret of his birth. In an experiment to see if Sebaceans could be used as breeding stock, Scorpius' Sebacean mother was raped by a Scarran and she died in childbirth. After learning the truth, Scorpius killed his "nanny," Tauza. Meanwhile, on Moya, Linfer begins to suffer cellular breakdown -- the early stages of liquification. On the Carrier, Scorpius tells his "Crichton neural clone" that he wants revenge. He wants to wipe out the Scarrans before they wipe out everyone else -- including, eventually, Earth.

Farscape Files
Written by: Richard Manning; Directed by: Ian Watson; Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), David Franklin (Lt. Braca), Amy Salas (Tauza), Evan Sheaves (Child Scorpius), Stephanie Jacobsen (Nurse Froy), Paul Shedlowich (Plint), Jo Kerrigan (Linfer), Danny Adcock (Co-Kura Strappa), Thomas Holesgrove (Wolesh), Sam Healy (Jeema Dellos), Nicholas Bishop (Ghebb Dellos), William Zappa (Captain Molayne)


When Talyn maneuvers nears a sun, he is compelled to fly into it, but he pulls away in the nick of time. He is leaking Drexim mist -- which affects the crew (making Rygel permanently hungry, and Crichton and Aeryn constantly passionate). Stark encounters Sierjna, a being trapped outside her world. Another creature, Mu-Quillus appears on Talyn and urges those aboard to abandon ship. He warns that 83 Leviathans have lost their lives to the nearby sun.

Farscape Files
Drexim is a synaptic fluid that naturally occurs in Talyn's conduits. When Talyn is in danger, Drexim acts like adrenalin, increasing his stimulus and his response rates.


Sierjna tells Stark that Mu-Quillus has been under contract to lure Leviathans into the sun by shipbuilders who view Leviathans as a threat to business. Sierjna wants to go with Stark, but Stark tells her that she is dead -- only her soul is imprisoned. Stark enters Talyn's dormant pilot station and turns Talyn from the sun. But, when Sierjna disappears, he turns the ship back toward the sun to recover Sierjna, whom he wants to assist into the next realm.

Farscape Files
Organic siren stars attract living ships. Their natural pulse radiation attracts Leviathans, but they do not do so on purpose.


Stark navigates Talyn closer to the sun until Sierjna reappears. She is still trapped between realms by Mu-Quillus, who tells Stark that he missed his opportunity to escape and that Talyn will once again head toward the sun. Crichton then gets some control of Talyn. Aeryn manually primes the cannon -- and asks Stark to fire. They destroy Mu-Quillus and his generator, and Stark assists Sierjna into the next realm.

Farscape Files
Written by: Matt Ford
Directed by: Ian Barry
Guest Cast: Susan Lyons (Sierjna), Mark Mitchell (Mu-Quillus), Linda Cropper (Xhalax Sun)

"Scratch 'N' Sniff"

When Crichton and the others return from a pleasure planet early, he tries to tell Pilot what happened. The fun ended for D'Argo and Crichton when their drinks were spiked, their money was stolen and they woke up in a display window -- with Crichton wearing stockings. An Alien named Raxil brought them news of Jool and Chiana, and a Hanji showed Crichton and D'Argo what happened the night before. An alien called Fe'Tor offered Chiana a whiff of a mysterious drug, Freslin.

Farscape Files
A Hangi is a creature with removable eyes, which continue to see and record images images after they've been removed from the body.

"Scratch 'N' Sniff"

After learning the girls' whereabouts, D'Argo goes to Fe'Tor's home and finds Jool and Chiana, seemingly in no danger. Fe'Tor's guard kicks him out -- with a weapon pointed to his head. Raxil tells Crichton and D'Argo that Fe'Tor milks the Freslin from living beings, and she wants to help Crichton and D'Argo because Fe'Tor has imprisoned her mate, Sarl. Raxil wants them to rescue him, as well as Chiana and Jool. Meanwhile, Fe'Tor prepares Jool for the milking process.

Farscape Files
Freslin, an attractant, is extracted from the senil gland of sentient beings.

"Scratch 'N' Sniff"

As a cover, Crichton, Raxil and D'Argo arrive at Fe'Tor's chambers as potential buyers at a Freslin auction. Once inside, Crichton's plan unfolds, allowing D'Argo and Raxil to free Jool while Crichton rescues Chiana. When Raxil's mate is found dead, she admits that she only wanted back a chip that she designed and that Sarl sold to Fe'Tor. Fe'Tor captures Crichton, but Chiana saves him, giving Fe'Tor a lethal overdose of Freslin. Pilot does not believe the story and locates another planet for shore leave.

Farscape Files
Written by: Lily Taylor; Directed by: Tony Tilse
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), Francesca Buller (Raxil), Tamblyn Lord (Fe'Tor), Laura Keneally (Theiadh), Anthony Martin (Mitols), Milan Keyser (Sarl), Jaye Paul (Heska Tinaco), Julia Trappe (Blue Girl), Rachel Sheriff (Green Girl)

"Infinite Possibilities: Daedalus Demands"

The Ancients, who imparted their wormhole technology into Crichton's subconscious, pay him another visit on Talyn (in the form of Jack Crichton). On their voyage to their new world, the Ancients saw Crichton's module flying through an unstable wormhole. Crichton insists that his module was aboard Moya when the incident took place. The module must have been a duplicate created by Furlow. The Ancients are concerned that the Charrids may discover the Ancients' new home and attack the fragile, dying race.

Farscape Files
Rygel identifies the pilot of the module duplicate as Charrid. The Charrids invaded Hynerian space a thousand cycles ago and killed a billion of their people.

"Infinite Possibilities: Daedalus Demands"

While investigating on Dam-Ba-Da, Crichton, Crais and Aeryn are attacked by an army of Charrids. When Talyn helps them, he and Crais are blinded by a solar flare. Aeryn and Crichton free Furlow, who is apparently prisoner of the Charrids. Furlow had hired the Charrids for security until they double-crossed her, killing her techs. Jack and John plan on destroying Furlow's module replica, but the approaching Charrid dreadnought taps into Furlow's computer and retrieves enough data to make a phase stabilizer.

Farscape Files
A Charrid Raptor weapon is capable of delivering 10 times the pain levels of a normal weapon -- in order to be effective against their own kind.

"Infinite Possibilities: Daedalus Demands"

The Charrid dreadnought must be destroyed and Jack believes he can create a weapon using information in Crichton's head. But, when Crichton finally tells Jack about the neural clone, Jack knows he can't unlock the information unless he first erases the Scorpius clone. While Crichton begins his mental attack on Scorpius, Aeryn stands by ready to shoot Crichton if he loses the battle. Crichton and Jack both collapse into unconsciousness. Aeryn revives her lover, but Scorpius is speaking to her through Crichton. TO BE CONTINUED....

Farscape Files
Written by: Carleton Eastlake
Directed by: Peter Andrikidis
Guest Cast: Kent McCord (Jack Crichton), Magda Szubanski (Furlow), Thomas Holesgrove (Alcar), Patrick Ward (Zylar)

"Infinite Possibilities: Icarus Abides"

With Crichton possessed by the Scorpius neural clone, Aeryn prepares to shoot him, but Jack stops her. He senses the clone is dying and is trying to get her to kill Crichton's body. Shortly after, the clone dies, leaving Crichton alone in his mind. Jack unlocks Crichton's wormhole technology and they start work on the weapon. Meanwhile, a Scarran boards Talyn and demands the vessel be made operational. Aeryn finds Rygel, injured by a Charrid attack.

Farscape Files
Jack and John are building a displacement engine. Powered by radioactive partanium, it has incredible destructive power, but can only be used once.

"Infinite Possibilities: Icarus Abides"

Before Jack can arm the weapon and launch it with Furlow's module, Furlow blasts him and signals a hidden Charrid team. She hands over the Displacement Engine, but when they move to eliminate her, she defends herself. When Crichton and Aeryn return, she pretends that the Charrids invaded, that she repelled them, and that they shot Jack. Unable to convince John of the weapon's profitability, she holds him at gunpoint, and escapes in a sand buggy -- with the displacement engine.

Farscape Files
Scarrans will send an advance scout unit before committing its main force. The unit can be anything from a one-man stealth capsule to a full fighter squad.

"Infinite Possibilities: Icarus Abides"

Crichton eventually forces Furlow to wreck her buggy, but a solar flare disables Crichton and allows her to escape. On Talyn, Crais but uses the neural transponder procedure as a diversion and Talyn defeats the Scarran. Back on the surface, Crichton learns the displacement engine has been activated and he has received a lethal dose of radiation. After Talyn lures the dreadnought into position, Crichton activates the displacement engine, which amplifies the wormhole energy and destroys the Scarran dreadnought. Crichton makes it back to Talyn, but soon dies.

Farscape Files
Written by: Carleton Eastlake
Directed by: Ian Watson
Guest Cast: Kent McCord (Jack Crichton), Magda Szubanski (Furlow), Thomas Holesgrove (Alcar), Noel Hudda (Charrid Leader)

"Revenging Angel"

On Moya, D'Argo is experimenting with the mysterious ship brought aboard earlier in their travels. D'Argo blames Crichton for a malfunction and shoves him, sending him into a coma. A self-destruct sequence on the mystery ship seems to have been activated. The Luxan throws his Qualta blade in a fit of rage, sending it to the bottom of Moya's central core. Scorpius appears in John's brain and urges revenge on D'Argo. To work out his aggression, Crichton turns both D'Argo and himself into animated characters.

Farscape Files
In an emergency, Moya's treblan side pressure hatchway on tier 16 can be jettisoned and serve as a lifeboat.

"Revenging Angel"

D'Argo's ship is unresponsive, but when he utters a word of Ancient Luxan in frustration, the ship activates. Jool admits she was in the ship because she likes D'Argo and wanted to have something they could talk about. In his unconscious mind, Crichton encounters an animated Aeryn (in lingerie), but he erases her and redraws her as a Tex Avery-esque bombshell. This leads to another animated sequence in which he tries to reason with D'Argo. It does not go well.

Farscape Files
Harmless parasites live within Moya, many serving symbiotic functions, e.g. Hodian trill bat droppings seal microscopic cracks along Moya's inner hull.

"Revenging Angel"

To communicate in ancient Luxan, D'Argo receives a special injection of translator microbes. He learns that a Qualta blade can stop the self-destruct sequence -- but D'Argo's blade is lost deep in Moya's neural cluster. Jool finds the Qualta, and, in the knick of time, D'Argo stops the destruct sequence. Meanwhile, the imaginary D'Argo approaches a final confrontation in Crichton's mind, but Crichton prevails. Unlike Scorpius, Crichton gets no joy in revenge. In the end, his love for Aeryn brings him back.

Farscape Files
Written by: David Kemper
Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool)

"The Choice"

Grieving for Crichton, Aeryn lands on a planet of mystics and frauds, but instead of contacting Crichton, she tries to contact her father, Talyn Lyczac. A man claiming to be Talyn proves his identity with a blood test. While looking for Aeryn, Rygel and Stark spot Xhalax Sun. Crais admits that he let Xhalax go, in return for her telling the high command that Crais and the others were killed.

Farscape Files
Talyn Lyczac proves his identity with an early PK standard blood spectrometer - a primitive, but supposedly accurate test device.

"The Choice"

When Stark and Crais locate Aeryn on the planet surface, they try to tell her that Xhalax is on the planet, but she does not believe them. The man calling himself Talyn (actually an imposter working for Xhalax) arrives at Aeryn's hotel chamber with -- Seer Cresus -- a creature who can channel the dead. The astronaut's vision appears above his head. Cresus says he rarely has visions so powerful and says that the cintar (a creature who can turn spirits into real beings) may be able to bring back the deceased Crichton.

Farscape Files
The man calling himself Talyn looks like a very odd creature. He explains his appearance away by saying he had it altered.

"The Choice"

Xhalax storms into Aeryn's chamber and shoots "Talyn," but Aeryn knew the man wasn't her father. Xhalax explains that she killed Aeryn's father, so that Aeryn could live. Xhalax now believes Aeryn's suffering will ease her own pain. With her pistol aimed at Aeryn at point blank range, Xhalax is about to drop her weapon, but Crais arrives and blasts her. Stark leaves the ship, dispersing himself to look for Zhaan. The seer tells Aeryn that although his visions are usually hoaxes, his vision of Crichton was real. Aeryn does not wish to bring Crichton back.

Farscape Files
Written by: Justin Monjo
Directed by: Rowan Woods
Guest Cast: Linda Cropper (Xhalax Sun), John Gregg (Talyn Lyczac), Stephen Shanahan (Tenek), Raj Ryan (Hotel Owner)


Moya's crew believes Talyn's passengers may be aboard a transport pod approaching Moya -- but it instead contains a female hynerian, a Scarran and a nebari who have escaped from Peacekeeper imprisonment. The Scarran says the pod was a target for the test of a new weapon and the passengers were intended as guinea pigs, but they overcame the PK tech. Talyn finally returns to Moya and Crichton goes to meet the returning passengers. Aeryn greets him coldly -- Crais explains that the other Crichton, with whom she had become intimately close, has died.

Farscape Files
The Scarran onboard the pod, Naj Gil, had his heat gland removed by the Peacekeepers. The gland protects the sebaceans from excessive heat and it weakens the Scarran.


Chiana believes she hears a pulse blast -- but no one else heard it. Pilot determines that someone aboard Moya broadcast a distress signal to the Peacekeepers. Crichton suggests the guests be locked up, but D'Argo, Chiana and Rygel resist. Moya StarBursts to get away from any Peacekeepers' response to the distress call. Crichton goes to Rygel's chamber and tells Rygel that the visitors' pod is almost ready to go, but the dominar tells Crichton that he thinks he's inl ove with Orrhn, the hynerian female.

Farscape Files
A boolite passenger on the pod was severely injured, but remains alive because a boolite's organs can sustain themselves individually. Jool and Crais try to put him together again.


After the Scarran, Naj Gill, is shot with a pulse blast, Crichton wants the visitors to leave the ship, but Hubero and Orrhn go into hiding. The recovering boolite identifies the traitor as Orrhn, who has struck a deal with the tech. Hubero is hit in the battle, as the tech and Orrhn (with Rygel in tow) escape in their transport pod. D'Argo, Crichton and Aeryn rescue Rygel in a daring commando attack. Crichton then tells the others that he wants to pursue and stop Scorpius.

Farscape Files
Written by: Rockne S. O'Bannon
Directed by: Tony Tilse
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), Kate Beehan (Hubero), Matt Doran (Makir Tal), Thomas Holesgrove (Naj Gil)

"I-Yensch, You-Yensch"

In a diner on an almost desolate planet, Rygel and D'Argo meet with Scorpius and Lt. Braca to make a deal. Crichton offers to help Scorpius in return for amnesty, citizenship and transport to home planets for everyone else. Meanwhile, Peacekeeper ships approach Moya and a nearby medical vessel and target them. Talyn destroys the attacking ships, but then destroys the innocent medical vessel as well. Talyn then powers down and does not respond to Crais' comms. Moya refuses to leave the location.

Farscape Files
Talyn's mechanoid and biological systems are linked, but remain somewhat independent. His mechanoid systems can be deactivated while his biological systems keep him alive.

"I-Yensch, You-Yensch"

As insurance that the deal will be honored, Scorpius suggests I-Yensch bracelets and has Lt. Braca and D'Argo try them on for a test. Before negotiations can continue, armed robbers invade the diner. Meanwhile, knowing that Talyn is a danger to himself and others, Crais suggests shutting down his mechanoid systems, while keeping his biological systems on support. After repairs, he will be starting from scratch. Moya eventually allows Crais to proceed with his plan. She knows it is necessary, but she is still heart broken.

Farscape Files
I-Yensch bracelets synchronize nerve impulses. Thet bearer of one bracelet feels the pain of the bearer of the other.

"I-Yensch, You-Yensch"

At the diner, Rygel figures out that the robbers are not after money, but were hired by the cook to burn the place down for insurance money. When the cook has second thoughts and tries to get rid of them, he is killed. Rygel and Scorpius work together on a plan and use the I-Yensch bracelets, a knife and a single charge pulse blaster to defeat the heavily armed, albeit dim-witted, robbers. Scorpius and Rygel now know they can trust each other.

Farscape Files
Written by: Matt Ford
Directed by: Peter Andrikidis
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), David Franklin (Lt. Braca), Ben Mendelsohn (Sko), Anthony Hayes (Wa), Inge Hornstra (Essk), Salvatore Coco (Voodi), Thomas Holesgrove (Naj Gil)

"Into The Lions Den: Lambs To The Slaughter"

Crichton, Crais, Aeryn, Jool and Chiana take a transport pod to Scorpius' command carrier, where they are reunited with D'Argo and Rygel and given a red carpet welcome. Scorpius grants them diplomatic rights and courtesies and allows Talyn to be brought aboard for repairs. Crichton and Scorpius get to work on wormhole technology, while the others dine in the officers' lounge amid hostilities from the Peacekeeper crew. Crais also feels hostilities from his former crew.

Farscape Files
As part of the deal, Rygel receives a full intelligence report on the hynerian political situation, and D'Argo has his clavicle rings removed and is given data on Macton, the man who framed him for murder.

"Into The Lions Den: Lambs To The Slaughter"

The officers take a particular dislike towards D'Argo and arrange an attack, which D'Argo survives. Crais' requested Leviathan expert -- Lt. Larell -- is a woman from his past who has been assigned to keep an eye on him. Scorpius tries to convince Crichton that he only want to use the wormhole technology against the Scarrans. Meanwhile, Aeryn tries to mend a relationship with an old shipmate, who believes her to be a traitor. Chiana's premonition of Pilot's screams come true as Peacekeeper ships approach Moya.

Farscape Files
Scorpius discloses that Earth is reachable at top speed in 60 cycles without the use of wormholes.

"Into The Lions Den: Lambs To The Slaughter"

Crichton continues work with Scorpius' lead scientist, Strappa, while Moya is captured under orders of Commandant Mele-on Grayza. Scorpius orders Moya released, but Grayza vows to return. As she leaves, she tells Lt. Reljik (the officer who arranged D'Argo's attack) that she intends to remove Scorpius from command. He informs her that Scorpius is vulnerable through the I-Yensch bracelet. Soon after, Aeryn and Crichton are ambushed. After repelling the attackers, Crichton, is trapped in a power generator chamber high above the deck. TO BE CONTINUED....

Farscape Files
Written by: Richard Manning; Directed by: Ian Watson; Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), David Franklin (Lt. Braca), Rebecca Riggs (Commandant Mele-On Grayza), Danny Adcock (Co-Kura Strappa), Sean Traylor (Lt. Reljik), Lenore Smith (Lt. Darinta Larell), Marta Dusseldorp (Officer Yal Henta), Lewis Fitz-Gerald (Tosko), Mark Mercedes (Officer Vonk)

"Into The Lions Den: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"

Under pressure from Scorpius to produce usable wormhole technology, Crichton proposes destroying the command carrier. Crais agrees that it is possible to destroy the ship, but Aeryn expresses a concern for the crew. When Crais is prevented from boarding Talyn, he goes to Scorpius and demands to be left in command of Talyn. In return, he tells Scorpius that Crichton is planning to destory the command carrier. Crias finds Aeryn, but allows D'Argo, Rygel, Chiana and Jool to be taken into custody. Scorpius threatens to kill his prisoners if Crichton does not deliver wormholes.

Farscape Files
A Peacekeeper Command Carrier is more than a metra long and holds 50,000 men, women and children.

"Into The Lions Den: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"

Crais explains that his deal with Scorpius is a diversion so the half-breed would believe that Crichton's plot had failed. Crais now has a new plan. He knows he is the only individual capable of destroying the Peacekeeper ship, by ordering Talyn to StarBurst while still inside the ship. He asks Crichton to distract Scorpius. First, Crichton goes to Moya to tell her of Crais' plan, and she agrees that it is the proper way for Talyn to die -- the heroes' death that he deserves.

Farscape Files
If Talyn StarBursts while inside, the Carrier will collapse upon itself. Since it would take half an arn for the ship to implode, most of the crew could abandon ship.

"Into The Lions Den: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"

As his diversion, Crichton takes Scorpius for a test flight. Aeryn helps Crais subdue the guards, allowing him to board Talyn and begin the StarBurst sequence. Rygel, D'Argo, Jool and Chiana are still imprisoned, but D'Argo arranges a rescue via his Luxan ship. Henta corners her ex-comrade, Aeryn, but an explosion kills the Peacekeeper. Crichton uses the aurora chair to erase Strappa's knowledge of wormholes and then heads to his module where he finds Scorpius. They release each other from their bracelets.

Farscape Files
Written by: Rockne S. O'Bannon; Directed by: Rowan Woods
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), David Franklin (Lt. Braca), Danny Adcock (Co-Kura Strappa), Lenore Smith (Lt. Darinta Larell), Marta Dusseldorp (Officer Yal Henta), Sheridan Rynne (Brenna), Terrence Hepburn (Armak)

"Dog With Two Bones"

Moya has brought Talyn's remains to the Leviathan burial grounds, but is attacked by another Leviathan. Three of the attacker's offspring were enslaved by Peacekeepers and she does not want Talyn buried on sacred ground. Meanwhile, Crichton experiences visions of life on earth with Aeryn. A mysterious guest blows a dust into John's face. She compels him to "go to the truth" but when pulse blasts interrupt the serenity of his vision, he pulls his own pulse pistol and shoots. D'Argo tongue lashes him and knocks out the visitor as well.

Farscape Files
The mysterious visitor (picked up from the debris of the Carrier) offers her expertise and training as a doctor, instructor, negotiator and more.

"Dog With Two Bones"

Moya refuses to leave. She believes Talyn has earned a grave in hallowed ground. The rogue makes another attack and, since the rogue had killed three other leviathans, Moya wants the hostile leviathan destroyed. Moya heads toward the burial site, with the rogue in pursuit. Chiana, Jool and Rygel help Moya lay Talyn's remains to rest. As the rogue tries to disrupt the remains, Aeryn begins the attack from her prowler and D'Argo's Luxan ship finishes it.

Farscape Files
Crichton recalls "The Dog with Two Bones Story" -- a dog with a bone looks in a pond and sees another dog with a bone. When he opens his mouth to grab the "other" dog's bone, he ends up with nothing.

"Dog With Two Bones"

After his vision of a wedding ending in a tragic Peacekeeper invasion, Crichton knows he cannot merge his friends with his dreams of Earth. He must make a choice and he chooses Aeryn. She resists -- afraid of losing him again. They leave their future to a coin toss -- which sends them in separate ways. While flying in his module, Crichton ponders life without Aeryn and senses that she is with child. Before he can reach Moya, a wormhole swallows the Leviathan, leaving Crichton alone and nearly out of fuel. TO BE CONTINUED....

Farscape Files
Written by: David Kemper
Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), Kent McCord (Jack Crichton), Melissa Jaffer (Old Woman)

214, 215, 216

Farscape Season 3 Base Cards Checklist

145  Cast Montage
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148  Season of Death
149  Season of Death
150  Season of Death
151  Suns and Lovers
152  Suns and Lovers
153  Suns and Lovers
154  Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1
155  Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1
156  Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1
157  Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 2
158  Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 2
159  Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 2
160  Different Destinations
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163  Eat Me
164  Eat Me
165  Eat Me
166  Thanks for Sharing
167  Thanks for Sharing
168  Thanks for Sharing
169  Green-Eyed Monster
170  Green-Eyed Monster
171  Green-Eyed Monster
172  Losing Time
173  Losing Time
174  Losing Time
175  Relativity
176  Relativity
177  Relativity
178  Incubator
179  Incubator
180  Incubator
181  Meltdown
182  Meltdown
183  Meltdown
184  Scratch 'N Sniff
185  Scratch 'N Sniff
186  Scratch 'N Sniff
187  Infinite Possibilities, Part 1
188  Infinite Possibilities, Part 1
189  Infinite Possibilities, Part 1
190  Infinite Possibilities, Part 2
191  Infinite Possibilities, Part 2
192  Infinite Possibilities, Part 2
193  Revenging Angel
194  Revenging Angel
195  Revenging Angel
196  The Choice
197  The Choice
198  The Choice
199  Fractures
200  Fractures
201  Fractures
202  I Yensch, You Yensch
203  I Yensch, You Yensch
204  I Yensch, You Yensch
205  Into the Lion's Den, Part 1
206  Into the Lion's Den, Part 1
207  Into the Lion's Den, Part 1
208  Into the Lion's Den, Part 2
209  Into the Lion's Den, Part 2
210  Into the Lion's Den, Part 2
211  Dog with Two Bones
212  Dog with Two Bones
213  Dog with Two Bones
214  Cast Montage
215  Cast Montage
216  Cast Montage

Farscape Season 3 Bonus Cards Checklist

Behind-The-Scenes With David Kemper (1:5 Packs)

BK23  Season of Death
BK24  Suns and Lovers
BK25  Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1
BK26  Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 2
BK27  Different Destinations
BK28  Eat Me
BK29  Thanks for Sharing
BK30  Green-Eyed Monster
BK31  Losing Time
BK32  Relativity
BK33  Incubator
BK34  Meltdown
BK35  Scratch 'N Sniff
BK36  Infinite Possibilities, Part 1
BK37  Infinite Possibilities, Part 2
BK38  Revenging Angel
BK39  The Choice
BK40  Fractures
BK41  I Yensch, You Yensch
BK42  Into the Lion's Den, Part 1
BK43  Into the Lion's Den, Part 2
BK44  Dog with Two Bones

The Quotable Farscape (1:5 Packs)

Q23  Season of Death
Q24  Suns and Lovers
Q25  Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1
Q26  Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 2
Q27  Different Destinations
Q28  Eat Me
Q29  Thanks for Sharing
Q30  Green-Eyed Monster
Q31  Losing Time
Q32  Relativity
Q33  Incubator
Q34  Meltdown
Q35  Scratch 'N Sniff
Q36  Infinite Possibilities, Part 1
Q37  Infinite Possibilities, Part 2
Q38  Revenging Angel
Q39  The Choice
Q40  Fractures
Q41  I Yensch, You Yensch
Q42  Into the Lion's Den, Part 1
Q43  Into the Lion's Den, Part 2
Q44  Dog with Two Bones

Family Ties (1:20 Packs)

F1  John Crichton
F2  Aeryn Sun
F3  D'Argo
F4  Chiana
F5  Scorpius
F6  Moya

Revenging Angel Animation Cels (1:20 Packs)

R1   John Crichton
R2   John Crichton
R3   John Crichton
R4   D'Argo
R5   D'Argo
R6   D'Argo
R7   John Crichton & D'Argo
R8   John Crichton & D'Argo
R9   John Crichton & D'Argo
R10  Scorpius
R11  Aeryn Sun
R12  Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R13  Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R14  Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R15  Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R16  Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R17  Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R18  Aeryn Sun & John Crichton

SketchaFEX™ Cards (1:40 Packs)

Hand-Drawn Sketch Cards

Autograph Cards (1:40 Packs)

A13  Paul Goddard....................Stark
A14  Tammy MacIntosh..................Jool
A15  Jonathan Hardy.........Voice of Rygel
     (Exclusive Album Autograph)
A16  Matt Newton....................Jothee
A17  Linda Cropper..............Xhalax Sun
A18  Magda Szubanski................Furlow
A19  Evan Sheaves...........Young Scorpius
A20  Francesca Buller................Raxil
A21  Andrew Prowse................Director

Costume Cards (1:240 Packs)

CC14  Scorpius/Harvey
CC15  Xhalax Sun

Exclusive Case Topper Autograph

ZA1  Virginia Hey...P'au Zhaan In Memoriam

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