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   FarScape: Season 4
Title:   Farscape: Season 4
Category:   Base Set (see below for list of associated chase cards & other related items)
Released:   14 May 2003 by Rittenhouse Archives
Numbered:   217 - 288
Quantities:   Rittenhouse produced 600 cases, of 12 boxes, of 40 packs, of 9 cards each.

Each case contained one autograph card (600 total) as a "case topper".

Each box contained two costume cards (16,000 total). Every 2½ boxes contained one autograph card (2,880 total).

Jeff Allender's House of Checklists lists an expected common set completion rate of 4.65 per box.

Scans:   Scans are approximately 80% actual size. Original cards are a standard 3½" x 2½" size.

217, 218, 219
Cast Montage

My name is John Crichton. An astronaut. Three years ago I got shot through a wormhole. I'm in a distant part of the universe aboard this living ship of escaped friends. I've made enemies -- powerful, dangerous. Now all I want is to find a way hom to warn earth. Look upward and share the wonders I've seen.

"Crichton Kicks"

Having been rescued by an aging Leviathan named Elack, Crichton's solitude is disturbed by the arrival of Sikozu, a Leviathan tracker and her employers, a team of Grudek invaders who have come to harvest toubray from Elack's neural clusters. When Crichton fails to scare off the invaders, they release Brindz hounds (vicious flying carnivores) to pursue the human and his new companion. He and Sikozu hide from the Grundeks, but their location is revealed when Chiana's voice is heard over Crichton's comms.

Farscape Files
Toubray tissue is prized as a delicacy, and the tissue is richer in older leviathans.

"Crichton Kicks"

DRD 1812 helps Crichton and Sikozu escape, but she loses her hand to a Brindz hound. (Fortunately, her limbs can be reattached). Rygel and Chiana arrive via transport pod and join the plan to get rid of the Brindz hounds and the Grudeks and to save the Leviathan. Meanwhile, Chiana is having visions that show the future, but they leave her with blinding headaches. Crichton continues to have visions of his own -- mental interludes on the beach with a pregnant Aeryn.

Farscape Files
DRD 1812 was nicknamed after Crichton programmed him to play the 1812 overture.

"Crichton Kicks"

When Chiana finds Sikozu making a deal with a Grudek, she blasts him and engages her in a fight. Sikozu insists she was buying an escape craft. With the Leviathan's first neural cell about to be harvested, the living ship is approaching death. Crichton's plan to eliminate the Brindz hound works, when the creature is lured into space with the old "painted door on an electrostatic field covering a hull breach" trick. To defeat the Grudeks, the team ignites the Leviathan's own vapors.

Farscape Files
Written by: David Kemper
Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Peter Whittle (Ilkog), Bob Nisevic (Nukana), Dinah Shearing (Voice of Elack's Pilot)

"What Was Lost - Part I: Sacrifice"

The Leviathan Elack arrives at Moya's last known position -- Arnessk, a world only habitable for brief periods of time. There, Crichton finds D'Argo and Jool at Instructor Vella's archeological dig. Vella (an Interion, like Jool) is seeking the three probes that will reactivate the Darnaz triangle -- thus making the planet fully habitable. Aboard Elack, Rygel and Sikozu ready a module to be able to escape the dying ship. Meanwhile, Grayza and Captain Braca plan to intercept Moya at Arnessk.

Farscape Files
Lo'La is the name D'Argo has given to his Luxan ship. The name is short for Lo'Laan, his wife's name.

"What Was Lost - Part I: Sacrifice"

Noranti, the old woman Moya had picked up after the space station was destroyed, tells the archeologists that Crichton is a threat to them. She then informs Crichton that Vella plans to use the probes she seeks as weapons. Using one of her powdered potions, she gives Crichton a vision of the planet's past. During this vision, Crichton sees where the probes landed. To stop Vella, Noranti takes Crichton's pulse pistol.

Farscape Files
Noranti is 293 cycles old.

"What Was Lost - Part I: Sacrifice"

While Crichton searches for Noranti (and Winona), he investigates a flash and finds Vella has been turned to stone. He also discovers an artifact bearing Interion and Sebacean markings -- and what looks like an Egyptian symbol. Grayza and the Peacekeepers arrive on the planet with Scorpius in tow as a prisoner. To prevent Crichton (who has fallen under Grayza's mysterious influence) from giving the third probe's location to the Commandant, Noranti forces him to a cliff's edge, and Crichton plunges into the water.

Farscape Files
Written by: Justin Monjo Directed by: Rowan Woods
Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti) Rebecca Riggs (Grayza), David Franklin (Braca), Steven Le Marquand (Oo-Nii), Elizabeth Alexander (Vella) Kim De Lury (Tarnat), Dinah Shearing (Voice of Elack's Pilot)

"What Was Lost - Part II: Resurrection"

Before Crichton washes ashore into the hands of the Peacekeepers, he is swept away by Oo-Nii, Vella's amphibious aide. Oo-Nii takes Crichton to D'Argo and Sikozu, who have devised a plan to rescue the imprisoned women. But, Crichton must rendezvous with Grayza to execute the plan. Grayza, reunited with Crichton, asks the human why the Scarrans want him -- she offers to help find Aeryn if he answers.

Farscape Files
Heppel oil is perfume that targets the erogenous zones. Dellos concubines have a gland implanted that secretes the oil, but, once the gland has been implanted, the concubines die years before their time.

"What Was Lost - Part II: Resurrection"

D'Argo informs Rygel of the plan -- to ask the Leviathan Elack to crash into one of the Marauders on the planet, allowing an escape in the wake of the explosion. Meanwhile, Scorpius is shot and thrown into a grave. Crichton is once again undergoing Grayza's "pleasant" torture, but he turns the tables on her -- literally -- leaving her strapped to a table. In the prison cell, Jool uses a scream to melt their handcuffs and the women escape.

Farscape Files
In measuring distance, a motra is just over half a metra.

"What Was Lost - Part II: Resurrection"

Elack ejects Rygel's transport pod just before crashing into the marauders. D'Argo'ship Lo'La escapes, but is damaged and must return to the planet. Now stranded on the deteriorating environment of Arnessk, the group's only hope in the Darnaz triangle. Crichton knows the probe's location, but must battle Oo-Nii, who wants to redeem the probe for its bounty. Crichton finally defeats the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" and activates the probes, creating a lush environment and revealing a colony of priests concealed in time for 12,000 cycles. Jool stays behind to help them.

Farscape Files
Written by: Justin Monjo
Directed by: Rowan Woods
Guest Cast: Tammy Macintosh (Jool), Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Rebecca Riggs (Grayza), David Franklin (Braca), Steven Le Marquand (Oo-Nii), Dinah Shearing (Voice of Elack's Pilot)

"Lava's A Many Splendored Thing"

Still searching for Moya, the group is forced to land after becoming sick on one of Noranti's delicacies. Crichton, D'Argo and Noranti look for Rygel, who has found an underground cache of treasures. The Hynerian triggers an alarm, sealing the chamber and encasing Rygel in a restraint. A group of Tarkan mercenaries (good guys, according to Noranti) confronts them and accuse Rygel and the others of stealing their property. On the surface, Sikozu and Chiana try to activate D'Argo's ship.

Farscape Files
The Tarkans wear shield belts that protect them from pulse blasts. The belts are activated only when fired upon.

"Lava's A Many Splendored Thing"

Crichton and Noranti try to negotiate with the Tarkans and ask for a meeting. Not trusting the leader Raa-Keel, Crichton and D'Argo attack their Tarkan escorts and take their shield belts. Now protected by shield belts, D'Argo and Crichton head for Raa-Keel's chamber. Raa'Keel explains that he and his men are robbing Tarkan freedom fighters. Crichton and D'Argo are then caught in another booby trap.

Farscape Files
To control D'Argo's DNA encoded ship, Chiana and Sikozu must cover their hands with D'Argo's vomit.

"Lava's A Many Splendored Thing"

When Sikozu fires Lo'La's cannon, Ra'Keel goes to investigate, leaving Crichton and D'Argo guarded by only one man. They escape the trap, but in the scuffle, Rygel becomes encased in amber and falls into a pit of lava. To rescue him, Crichton must continually activate his shield belt by shooting himself. He finds Rygel, only to be attacked by Ra'Keel. Ra'Keel disarms Crichton, but Chiana arrives in time to shoot him and reactivate the belt. Back on Lo'La, they receive a message -- Moya is waiting for them.

Farscape Files
Written by: Michael Miller
Directed by: Michael Pattinson
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), John Adam (Raa'Keel), Jack Finsterer (Gleeg), Alan Flower (Frool), Ross Newton (Sloggard), Teo Gebert (Weldon), Mick Roughan (Airek)


The group (Crichton, D'Argo, Rygel, Chiana, Sikozu, and Noranti) finally returns to Moya. Aeryn is waiting for them, but she is suffering from Sebacean heat delirium. Crichton also finds another visitor aboard -- Scorpius, who apparently found Aeryn adrift in a prowler. A Lukythian ship approaches and its commander, Ullom, informs Moya's crew that Aeryn was part of a team who assassinated a Lukythian leader. He offers Aeryn a cure for her heat delirium, in exchange for the names of the rest of the team.

Farscape Files
Aeryn's strain of heat delirium has a genetic signature that can only be unlocked by the Lukythian who implanted it.


On the Command Carrier, a plan is underway to implant Moya with a pulse charge that will destroy the biologics of the Leviathan, leaving its passengers unharmed. Aeryn tells Ullom to let her friends and Moya go. To break the stalemate, she holds a pistol to her head, but Rygel knocks her out before she can pull the trigger. Meanwhile, Scorpius finally relieves Crichton of the neural clone Harvey and tells the human of Grayza's plan. Crichton is forced to trust Scorpius.

Farscape Files
To deliver the missile to Moya, a Marauder is ideal, but only a Prowler could fly close enough for a guidance lock without being detected.


Sikozu believes the Lukythian ship is a chameleon ship -- a small ship that appears huge via a projection. Crichton tells Ullom that Aeryn will cooperate and brings her aboard the Lukythian ship to receive the antidote. Once cured, Aeryn (protected by the Tarkan shield belt) lure Ullom into the open so he can be defeated. The chameleon ship is then programmed by Sikozu to imitate Moya, serving as a decoy for the approaching missile, which detonates as Moya StarBursts away.

Farscape Files
Written by: Ricky Manning
Directed by: Geoff Bennett
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Rebecca Riggs (Grayza), David Franklin (Braca), Richard Carter (Ullom), Anja Coleby (Ponara), Damian Hunter (Rinlo)

"Natural Election"

Crichton accurately predicts the appearance of a wormhole, but shortly after it appears, Moya begins to convulse. A vast space plant has attached itself to the Leviathan and is feasting on her metal skin. With fires breaking out on Moya and hull breaches imminent, D'Argo and Crichton plan to blast the plant off with Lo'La, D'Argo's ship. Aeryn tells Chiana that she's pregnant, but the child may not be Crichton's, and she asks Chiana not to tell him. D'Argo and Crichton shoot, but their blast actually accelerates the plant's feeding.

Farscape Files
The plant secretes an acid that dissolves certain types of metal that it ingests. It also produces a waste gas byproduct that irritates the eyes of Moya's crew.

"Natural Election"

Moya's pain increases as the plant works its way inside the ship. Despite Aeryn's wishes, Chiana tells D'Argo about Aeryn. Although she asks him not to tell anyone, D'Argo insists Crichton deserves to know. When it becomes clear that the plant does not like Scorpius, the group learns that the hybrid's coolant rods act as a repellent. When Pilot becomes infested, Scorpius' coolant rods are used to keep the plant at bay. D'Argo tells Crichton that he knows Aeryn is pregnant and that she isn't sure if the child is his.

Farscape Files
Sebacean women who serve on carriers could carry an embryonic fetus for up to seven cycles -- so the father of Aeryn's child could actually be someone she was with before she even met Crichton.

"Natural Election"

Aeryn and Crichton head to Moya's atmospheric scrubber with a bucket of "Scorpy juice," but before the substance can be evaporated into Moya's ventilation system, the metal air scrubber falls apart, having been eaten away by the plant. Fortunately, the key plant-killing ingredient flows in pipes throughout Moya. The mist is spread through the ship and ignited, finally killing the plant. After the crisis, D'Argo is elected permanent captain of Moya. Aeryn finally tells Crichton about her pregnancy.

Farscape Files
Written by: Sophie C. Hopkins
Directed by: Ian Watson
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti)

"John Quixote"

While returning to Moya, Chiana and Crichton play a virtual game populated by figures from Crichton's past, including the game's designer, Stark. Before Crichton can leave the game, he must "kill the princess" or find a green door. The pair encounters a chubby male Zhaan, and passes Rygel before reaching Jool and (another) Chiana, who are about to be eaten by D'Argo. Crichton escapes through a green door, but Chiana is left behind. Meanwhile, away from the game, Crichton learns Scorpius has escaped and a Command Carrier is on the way.

Farscape Files
The game is an organic matrix game -- a kind of simulated reality game that be played by touch.

"John Quixote"

Crichton returns to the game to free Chiana and ends up at the penthouse, where he finds Aeryn, a southern bell princess with a butler -- Harvey. Crichton is then reunited with Chiana, and they both exit the game through a green door. Back on Moya, Scorpius imprisons Crichton, but the human realizes he and Chiana never actually left the game -- the Moya they are on is part of Stark's game.

Farscape Files
The green doors Crichton and Chiana went through were not really green -- they were "painted" to look green.

"John Quixote"

Crichton plays again, but he suspects the Chiana traveling with him may be a game character and not the real Nebari. After confirming this by asking about Aeryn's secret, he frees the real Chiana from the game's "Hansel and Gretel" level. When Crichton finally kisses princess Aeryn, nothing happens. Crichton resets the game and plays again. This time, when he reaches Zhaan's level, he strikes down the blue man -- exposing the real Zhaan. Crichton kisses her, (knowing she would be Stark's "princess").

Farscape Files
Written by: Ben Browder
Directed by: Tony Tilse
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Virginia Hey (Zhaan), Lani Tupu (Crais), Tammy Macintosh (Jool), Paul Goddard (Stark), Rowan Woods (Big Zhaan), Alyssa-Jane Cook (Gilina)

"I Shrink, Therefore I Am"

Crichton returns to Moya with provisions only to discover the ship has been taken over by a party of bounty hunters searching for the human. He rams their boarding craft, and escapes in a space suit (sending Noranti into space -- in a drug induced vacuum coma). Crichton sneaks aboard Moya and hides in her ductwork. He enlists help from DRD 1812 and Scorpius to take out the bounty hunters one by one -- "Die-Hard" style.

Farscape Files
Crichton refers to the lead bounty hunter as "The Head Cylon" and "Imperious Leader" -- references to "Battlestar Galactica." He also mentions "Gort" from the "Day the Earth Stood Still."

"I Shrink, Therefore I Am"

The bounty hunters initiate a containment plan -- using a device to shrink members of Moya's crew and carry them in canisters built into their armor. Meanwhile, Crichton sets a trap -- rigging a pistol's pulse chamber to overload, but when a bounty hunter finds the gun, he shrinks it before it can do any harm. On cue, 1812 triggers a makeshift bear trap that impales the hunter. Scorpius removes the chamber containing the miniature Chiana and Aeryn from the bounty hunter. Crichton takes it, while Scorpius gives him time to escape.

Farscape Files
The bounty hunters wear a bio-engineered armor shell.

"I Shrink, Therefore I Am"

Scorpius learns the Bounty Hunter is not a Kareshi, but a Scarran, and manages to tell Crichton, despite having been shrunk by the bounty hunters. After Crichton is taken prisoner, he tells his captors that their leader is Scarran. When they check, they are killed. Crichton is now free -- and equipped with the shrinking device, which the human uses to shrink the Scarran to the size of an insect. Pilot suggests they enter Tormented Space -- a place where Peacekeepers or Scarrans would not travel.

Farscape Files
Written by: Christopher Wheeler
Directed by: Rowan Woods
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Duncan Young (Axikor), John Schwartz (Bintog)

"A Prefect Murder"

With Moya floating dormant in Tormented Space, Crichton, Aeryn, D'Argo, Sikozu and Chiana seek refuge on a planet, but Chiana's indiscretions almost force them all to leave. Sikozu gets cozy with Zerbat, son of Gashaah, a clan leader who is in line to become the next Prefect. Meanwhile, Aeryn is not feeling like herself -- and when a massacre kills Gashaah (among others) and injures D'Argo, Aeryn is astonished to learn she was the one who pulled the trigger.

Farscape Files
The planet changes Prefects every half a cycle. The transfer of power between clans is very disruptive, and not always peaceful.

"A Prefect Murder"

Gashaah's son Zerbat is next in line for rule. He and Crichton search for Aeryn. When they find her, she has no idea why she killed the leader. A priest suspects others are using her. His fears are confirmed when she tells him that she was bitten by an insect. There are no insects on the planet and must have been brought by an offworlder. Crichton starts to experience the same flashes that Aeryn had -- he is the next assassin.

Farscape Files
S'Gabba Flies implant subtle subliminal signals in the subject's mind. The alien E'Alet then amplifies the signals using his telepathic power. The flies have no attraction to Chiana.

"A Prefect Murder"

Aeryn and Crichton make their way to the Prefect's castle to find the insect hive -- which Chiana has learned is in E'Alet's head -- but they must fight the impulses to kill each other. Aeryn and Crichton find E'Alet, but have trouble finishing him off, as they are still being forced to kill each other. Crichton and Aeryn are disarmed while the priest kills E'Alet. The Prefect praises E'Alet's defeat, but Chiana had heard him plan Gaashah's assassination. The Prefect escapes justice by jumping to his death.

Farscape Files
Written by: Mark Saraceni
Directed by: Geoff Bennett
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Peter Whitford (Jabuka Clan Chieftan), Bruce Spence (Prefect Falaak), Ivar Kants (Gaashah) Brett Stiller (Zerbat) Jason Chong (E'Alet)

"Coup by Clam"

Moya is in need of a filter that will allow her to comfortably travel in Tormented Space. But before the mechanic will board, a doctor must certify the passengers are free of space madness. While waiting for their examinations, Moya's crew dines on mollusks brought by Dr. Tumii, and they contract fatal food poisoning. Only the doctor can cure them, and he demands a ransom to do so. When Crichton, Aeryn and D'Argo visit Dr. Tumii, he only has one purple mollusk -- so he can only cure D'Argo and Noranti.

Farscape Files
Qatal Mollusks shared between two individuals link those two metabolisms. D'Argo is linked to Noranti, Crichton to Sikozu, and Aeryn to Rygel.

"Coup by Clam"

Before the doctor receives additional mollusks, a female stranger blasts him. Females control the mollusks, and now it seems the doctor's secret supply has been cut off. Aeryn and Sikozu go to the club run by the females to try to get some mollusks for the cure. There, they are attacked, causing Crichton and Rygel to feel the pain. Meanwhile, on Moya, Noranti and D'Argo consume their cures and maintain skin contact for a few arns to complete the procedure.

Farscape Files
On this planet, females are oppressed, but they are planning a coup, and the mollusks are part of the plan.

"Coup by Clam"

Selvah, the leader of the female underground, keeps Aeryn and Sikozu alive, in the hopes that their linked partners will come to the club (killing them will only cure their linked partners). Rygel and Crichton go to the club dressed as females to retrieve Aeryn, Sikozu and the mollusks. Back on Moya, Scorpius eats some of the mollusks, suppressing the symptoms of those affected and allowing Crichton, Aeryn and Sikozu to escape their respective captors and secure the antidote from the doctor.

Farscape Files
Written by: Emily Skopov
Directed by: Ian Watson
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Barry Otto (Doctor Tumii), David Field (Ho'Ock), Chris Mayer (Mekken), Sara Green (Mujombre), Kelly Butler (Selvah), Susan Prior (Kiryah)

"Unrealized Reality"

While floating in space, Crichton watches as a wormhole he predicted opens in front of him. Before Moya can retrieve him, he is sucked through the wormhole and lands on a desolate iceberg surrounded by black water. An interdimensional being (whom Crichton dubs "Einstein") has brought him there to discuss Crichton's wormhole knowledge, which has made the human a target of aggressive species. Crichton has the ability to span time, unravel events, and for that alone, Einstein says he should kill him.

Farscape Files
Wormholes bridge space-time, creating a unique ability to navigate.

"Unrealized Reality"

Einstein warns Crichton about the dangers of unrealized realities -- possible outcomes that may be experienced through unskilled wandering through space-time. Going forward in time is not a problem, but going back can cause havoc, and Crichton knows just enough to be dangerous. To illustrate the problem, Einstein sends Crichton back to explore some events in his life, had they gone in different directions. One unrealized reality brings Crichton to an Earth that had been conquered by Scarrans.

Farscape Files
Einstein is a member of the Ancients' species, but the Ancients have been altered to exist in Crichton's realm.

"Unrealized Reality"

A trip to another unrealized reality introduces Crichton to mixed-up versions of Moya's crew -- D'Argo as Jool, Chiana as Noranti, Aeryn as Chiana. Then things go bad when the Peacekeepers board the ship. When Crichton is finally aware of the damage he can do, he is permitted to leave, but he must navigate back to his starting point using the subconscious knowledge implanted by the Ancients. When he makes the journey, he ends up hovering above Earth.

Farscape Files
Written by: David Kemper
Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Lani Tupu (Crais), David Franklin (Braca), John Bach (Einstein), Virginia Hey (Zhaan), Paul Goddard (Stark), Tammy Macintosh (Jool), Murray Bartlett (DK)


D'Argo, Rygel, Aeryn and Chiana lock onto Crichton's signal and intercept him over Earth -- in 1985. In this unrealized reality, Jack Crichton is now scheduled to be the Commander of the ill-fated Challenger mission, but if he dies on Challenger, John will not create the Farscape project. Crichton must make sure his father does not fly the mission, while the others hide out in an abandoned house.

Farscape Files
Aeryn improves her English by watching Sesame Street -- a segment in which Kermit tries to teach a little girl named Joey the alphabet.


Grayza and Braca approach Moya aboard Marauders at maximum speed, but if Moya StarBursts, the Leviathan will not be able to find the wormhole again. They plan to allow Grayza to board, and hopefully leave when Crichton is not found. On Earth, Crichton plans to set a fire at the abandoned house in hopes that Jack will rescue young Crichton and stay to ensure his recovery. A coma potion concocted by Noranti almost kills young Crichton, and, in turn almost eliminates older Crichton from existence.

Farscape Files
Braca, though now under the command of Grayza, is still loyal to Scorpius and is his spy on the Command Carrier.


Aboard Moya, Grayza prepares to move on, but not before leaving behind a creature to capture Crichton when he returns. In his semi-corporeal condition, Crichton visits his mother and tells her he is in the house and needs help. Before Jack can rescue young Crichton, he knocks himself out, forcing D'Argo and Crichton to rush into the burning house and drag out the father and son. Having restored the timeline, the group returns to Moya, over 2003 Earth -- with Jack Crichton aboard.

Farscape Files
Written by: Justin Monjo Directed by: Rowan Woods
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Kent McCord (Jack Crichton), Rebecca Riggs (Grayza), David Franklin (Braca), Carmen Duncan (Leslie Crichton), Jamie Croft (Young John Crichton), Tyler Coppin (Sheriff), Casey Burgess (Olivia Crichton), Nadia Townsend (Kim Kupperstein), Louise Fox (Mrs. Dot Levy), Kosta Dukas (Deputy), Amy Salas (Skreeth)

"Terra Firma"

John arrives on Moya and is greeted by his father and a group of Earth dignitaries. Later, he goes home to be reunited with friends and family, while his alien comrades are comfortably housed in a guarded mansion -- a gilded cage. Crichton wants to share his knowledge with the whole world, but the President's aide, Holt, and his own father want to limit the information to the U.S. Jack tries to tell Crichton that Earth isn't the same place John left.

Farscape Files
While Moya orbits Earth, Scorpius remains in a pod on the other side of the wormhole, transmitting a signal so they can find their way back.

"Terra Firma"

On the command carrier, Grayza communicates with Skreeth on Moya. She instructs not to seize Crichton yet, but to learn as much as possible about Earth. She then orders Braca to prepare the ship to be ready to destroy a planet. Skreeth goes to Earth and attacks DK and his wife Laura, and learns they have not received wormhole technology from Crichton. Grayza agrees with Skreeth that Crichton should be seized and interrogated. DK and Laura are then killed.

Farscape Files
Grayza can communicate telepathically with the Skreeth by using a Larnapse -- a device placed on the skull of a third party.

"Terra Firma"

Jack finally agrees with John, and he invites all nations to participate in the ongoing Farscape mission. When the Crichtons go home for Christmas, Skreeth follows them. Meanwhile, D'Argo and Chiana find DK and Laura. Skreeth attacks, but Crichton and Aeryn manage to disable the creature. When it regains consciousness, D'Argo blasts it with Lo'La's cannon (after landing the ship in the Crichtons' back yard). The aliens return to Moya -- as does John, who has a job to do -- protect Earth.

Farscape Files
Written by: Richard Manning Directed by: Peter Andrikidis
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Kent McCord (Jack Crichton), Rebecca Riggs (Grayza), David Franklin (Braca), Murray Bartlett (DK), Geoff Morell (Holt), Sarah Enright (Olivia Crichton), Katherine Thomas (Laura Kopecki), Erica Heynatz (Caroline Wallace), Amy Salas (Skreeth), Joshua Anderson (Bobby Coleman)

"Twice Shy"

After purchasing star charts from traders, Chiana insists they also buy another offering -- a slave girl named Talikaa. Moya's new resident becomes Chiana's responsibility, but Talikaa soon causes Moya's crew to act strangely -- their innate qualities come to the surface. Aeryn and Crichton look for the girl and are knocked out by her scream. When they wake up, they both have large bites on their faces.

Farscape Files
Rygel cheated the traders by altering the Crindars -- he added an extra digit to the currency.

"Twice Shy"

After Talikaa attacks Chiana, D'Argo and Rygel, Sikozu sees her in her natural form -- that of a giant spider -- and she's next! Although Sikozu is immune to the spider's bite, her limbs are ripped off. Suddenly Moya's crew experiences feelings opposite to their natural characters -- even Chiana has no sexual appetite. The trading ship then returns, with its crew dying. They too have the bite marks -- but in an advanced stage.

Farscape Files
Talikaa is actually a Wolaxian Arachnid. She deposits neural energy from her victims in orbs and hides them in a nest for later use.

"Twice Shy"

Talikaa uses the trading ship as a decoy to lure D'Argo, Chiana, Rygel and Aeryn away from Moya. Crichton, Noranti, Scorpius and Sikozu are left behind to face the arachnid. Scorpius is used as bait, and after Talikaa preys on him, she is followed to her nest. As Sikozu retrieves the orbs, a weakened Crichton manages to blast the spider to pieces. Crichton then confesses to Aeryn that he still feels for her, but is afraid that Scorpius could use this information to get into his head.

Farscape Files
Written by: David Peckinpah
Directed by: Kate Woods
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Paula Arundell (Talikaa), Chris Pitman (Nazradu), Walter Grkovic (Outurak)

"Mental as Anything"

Scorpius brings Crichton, D'Argo and Rygel to a planet for mental discipline training at the hands of Katoya. There, D'Argo comes face to face with his wife's brother (and murderer), Macton. Macton claims it was D'Argo who committed the crime, but blacked out in a fit of Luxan Hyper-rage. Crichton hopes to learn about the creature that attacked his family on Earth -- but to get any info, he must first complete the course. He must endure "remedial training" alone in a cell.

Farscape Files
Once a participant consents to stay in Katoya's training program, the student cannot leave until the course is completed.

"Mental as Anything"

In order to escape from his cell, Crichton must retrieve a key from hot coals beneath a metal grate. Meanwhile, D'Argo works to control his urge to kill Macton. Scorpius visits Crichton and explains the torture he is undergoing is anti-Scarran training. If he cannot train his mind, Crichton will be captured by the Scarrans, drained of his wormhole knowledge and killed. Katoya is the only one who can give him the tools to withstand the training.

Farscape Files
Luxans are genetically violent, and it takes cycles to control their impulses. This is why Luxans are not allowed to marry young.

"Mental as Anything"

When D'Argo asks Katoya to help him find out what kind of monster he is, Katoya enters his mind and shows the Luxan hitting his wife. Macton knocks out Katoya, taking the instructor's place in D'Argo's mind. D'Argo knows Macton's version of the events is false and demands to see the truth. The truth is revealed: Lo'Laan attacked Macton to protect D'Argo; and Macton repelled her, stabbing his sister with her own knife and framing D'Argo. Finally, Crichton retrieves the key from the hot coals and escapes.

Farscape Files
Written by: Mark Saraceni
Directed by: Geoff Bennett
Guest Cast: Blair Venn (Macton), John Brumpton (Katoya), Rachel Gordon (Lo'Laan)

"Bringing Home the Beacon"

Aeryn, Chiana, Sikozu and Noranti are on an errand to purchase a sensor distorter for Moya. The part is custom-built, so the women must stay until it is ready in 4 arns. Peacekeepers -- led by Grayza and Braca -- unexpectedly arrive at the trading outpost. While Chiana and Noranti keep tabs on the trader, Aeryn and Sikozu try to figure out what Grayza is doing in Tormented Space.

Farscape Files
A sensor distorter is a camouflage device for Moya. It fools long range scans into thinking the ship is another ship.

"Bringing Home the Beacon"

A Scarran delegation arrives on the commerce settlement -- a member of the ruling class and her escorts. Meanwhile, to avoid detection, Noranti and Chiana alter their appearance with genetic transformation. The Scarran minister Ahkna and Grayza secretly meet. Grayza is willing to cede all the Luxan worlds to the Scarrans in return for peace. Knowing Luxans will go to war (and be defeated by Scarrans) if their treaty with the Peacekeepers is violated, Aeryn plans to stop the alliance by assassinating Grayza.

Farscape Files
A dead Leviathan carcass has been fused with an asteroid to house a commerce settlement. They sell species blending -- genetic transformations.

"Bringing Home the Beacon"

Before Aeryn can shoot, the Scarrans kills the Peacekeeper guards and capture Grayza and Braca. Disguised as Scarran soldiers, Aeryn and Sikozu free Grayza and Braca, but the Peacekeepers escape before reaching Moya's transport pod. The women make it back to Moya in time to StarBurst away, but the Scarran ship is still in pursuit -- thanks to a homing beacon in a bioloid made to look like Aeryn. Moya escapes, thanks to the new sensor distorter. But where is the real Aeryn?

Farscape Files
Written by: Carleton Eastlake Directed by: Rowan Woods
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Rebecca Riggs (Grayza), David Franklin (Braca), Francesca Buller (Ahkna), John Pasvolsky (Pennoch), Peter Lamb (Rekka), Peter Fenton (Negotiator), Olivia Pigeot (Marella)

"A Constellation of Doubt"

Hoping it might reveal a clue as to Aeryn's whereabouts, Crichton pores over an intercepted Earth television show which examines the aliens' recent visit to the planet. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew tries to locate a Scarran base called Katratzi -- a location mentioned by the Scarran Ahkna, where Aeryn may be held. Crichton is certain he's heard the word before.

Farscape Files
The pseudo-documentary, largely made up of Bobby Coleman's candid video footage, is called "Alien Visitation".

"A Constellation of Doubt"

As the documentary unfolds, interviews with various members of Moya's crew and candid footage shot by Crichton's nephew Bobby Coleman are interspersed with comments by Earth experts, who express their differing opinions on the aliens and the dangers they pose to the planet. Among those interviewed was the Florida sheriff encountered by the aliens in 1985 in (Episode 412 "Kansas"). His credibility is questioned when he says the Aliens are transmitting a message of "Eat fatty foods" into microchips in humans' heads.

Farscape Files
Brian Henson, executive producer of Farscape, played Dr. Edmund Johnston, one of the talking heads in the documentary.

"A Constellation of Doubt"

Crichton refuses to accept Sikozu's determination that no one knows anything about Katratzi and Aeryn cannot be found. The human finally remembers where he heard the word before -- on an unrealized reality aboard Moya -- spoken by the version of Stark that was embodied by Sikozu. Crichton wants to go back to the wormhole, not to return to Earth but to visit the version of Moya on which they know of Katratzi. Crichton asks Scorpius for his help and offers wormholes in return.

Farscape Files
Written by: David Kemper
Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Nick Tate (R. Wilson Monroe), Sarah Enright (Olivia Crichton), Joshua Anderson (Bobby Coleman)


Aeryn is held prisoner aboard a Scarran freighter. She resorts to prayer and begs for a sign that Crichton is coming for her. On Moya, Crichton tells Scorpius of his plan -- to go to the "Bizarro" Moya to get information from "Bizarro" Stark. To seal their partnership, they take a Scarran blood vow -- in which they taste each other's blood. On the freighter, Aeryn's interrogation continues at the hands of Jenek and his assistant, Vreena. Aeryn almost dies from a Sebacean heat probe.

Farscape Files
A pregnant Sebacean is extra-sensitive to heat -- a Scarran heat probe can kill a Sebacean with child.


Crichton and Scorpius leave Moya in the Farscape module and head toward the wormhole. After a wrong turn, they finally reach their destination and board the alternate Leviathan. Although Jenek feels Aeryn has outlived her usefulness, Vreena prolongs the Sebacean's life when it is determined that Aeryn is with child. Jenek believes Crichton's wormhole knowledge can be extracted from the child's fetal DNA. When Crichton interrogates the Sikozu version of Stark, she has no recollection of Katratzi.

Farscape Files
Aeryn's fellow prisoners are the subjects of genetic incubation -- breeding experiments conducted to see if their unique traits can be useful when enhanced.


Jenek threatens to kill Aeryn's child if she does not disclose the father. To get Stark to channel the information they need, Crichton must kill the Aeryn-Chiana mix. He can't do it, but Scorpius does. While crossing her over, Stark-Sikozu conveys the location of Katratzi. Under interrogation, Aeryn finally admits the father is Crichton. Crichton and Scorpius return through the wormhole and enter the docking web as Moya StarBursts away from the approaching Command Carrier. Everyone is heading to Katratzi.

Farscape Files
Written by: Justin Monjo
Directed by: Peter Andrikidis
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Jason Clarke (Jenek), Sandy Gore (Vreena), Sacha Horlor (Morrock)

"We're So Screwed - Part I: Fetal Attraction"

Moya arrives at a Scarran Border Station and docks. Sikozu has preceded them, pretending to be a bureaucrat. Scorpius is passing as the captain of Moya, with a Peacekeeper spy (Crichton) under his command. They hope to find Aeryn at the station, since all vessels heading to Katratzi must be quarantined there for five days. Sikozu learns that Aeryn's prison freighter is indeed at the facility, but the vessel is scheduled to leave in half an arn.

Farscape Files
The Kalish are a tech-oriented species that serve the Scarrans and run the Border Station for them.

"We're So Screwed - Part I: Fetal Attraction"

Rygel fakes a contagious illness, thus causing the station to stop ships from leaving. Upon Sikozu's suggestion, the station sends out a call for medical assistance, which Noranti and D'Argo respond to. Noranti revives the dormant virus in Rygel's system so the ruse will avoid detection, but if she cannot later deactivate the virus, Rygel will die. She goes to Moya and concocts a cure.

Farscape Files
Dermaphollica is the highly contagious disease that once almost killed Rygel. Nebari and Scarrans are immune.

"We're So Screwed - Part I: Fetal Attraction"

Sikozu devises a plan to knock out the lights and alarms on the station and the freighter, in order to execute a rescue and escape. Concerned that Aeryn's deteriorating condition may kill the previous fetus, Jenek orders the fetus transplanted to Chiana. Before the operation takes place, Sikozu shuts down the power. Crichton and D'Argo manage to retrieve Aeryn and Chiana, but Scorpius is captured. Harvey reappears and tells Crichton he must go after Scorpius, who now knows what Crichton knows.

Farscape Files
Written by: David Peckinpah
Directed by: Geoff Bennett
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Jason Clarke (Jenek), Shane Briant (Trayso), Sandy Gore (Vreena), Rel Hunt (Karohm), Patrick Ward (Rainaht), Ben Dalton (Zepa)

"We're So Screwed - Part II: Hot To Katratzi"

Crichton and the others head to Katratzi aboard Lo'La, D'Argo's ship, carrying with them a thermonuclear bomb. As Grayza addresses the Scarran leadership, Crichton arrives at the meeting, with the bomb tied to his body. If anything happens to him, the bomb will go off. They ask what he wants. He tells them that he wants to sell his wormhole technology (and a free set of steak knives) to the highest bidder.

Farscape Files
Crystherium Utilia is a plant consumed by Scarrans and promotes their mental development.

"We're So Screwed - Part II: Hot To Katratzi"

Grayza tells Crichton that if she gets the wormhole technology, she will ensure peace. While Crichton negotiates with the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers, the others work to develop unrest between the Charrids and the Kalish. Meanwhile, Ahkna tortures Scorpius. She asks him what he knows about wormholes, and he says he would rather die and take the knowledge with him. She reveals Stark, who stands ready to capture his soul and everything he knows as he moves to the next realm.

Farscape Files
Stark has waited a long time to avenge his experience in the aurora chair. He is given only two arns to finish with Scorpius.

"We're So Screwed - Part II: Hot To Katratzi"

Aeryn and Crichton go to see Scorpius. Ahkna then subjects Crichton to a heat probe. When his accelerated heart rate nearly detonates the bomb, she releases him. Sikozu brings Aeryn and Crichton to the chamber where the Scarran Crystherium is grown. When captured, they say the Charids gave them the codes (another nudge toward a riot). The riot finally begins, but just as Crichton's escape plan is about to succeed, Scorpius sabotages their exit -- he is a Scarran spy.

Farscape Files
Written by: Carleton Eastlake Directed by: Karl Zwicky
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Paul Goddard (Stark), Rebecca Riggs (Grayza), David Franklin (Braca), Duncan Young (Staleek), Francesca Buller (Ahkna), Jason Clarke (Jenek), Jonathan Pasvolsky (Pennoch), David Downer (Vakali), Dean O'Gorman (Zukash), Jason Chong (Rahzaro), John Schwarz (Tugar), Sam Bettison (Grek)

"We're So Screwed - Part III: La Bomba"

After the Scarrans capture Moya's crew during their escape attempt, Scorpius explains that he arranged the capture to protect them. When D'Argo calls Lo'La to tell her to blast her way out, they learn the Scarrans have neutralized her systems. Scorpius tells Crichton that the flowers the Scarrans consume require specific and rare conditions for growth -- Scarrans can only propel their power forward from these locations -- if the plants are destroyed, it will set them back.

Farscape Files
The Scarrans' Crystherium plants are similar to Earth's plentiful Strelitzias or Birds of Paradise.

"We're So Screwed - Part III: La Bomba"

Scorpius admits that he has none of Crichton's wormhole knowledge. Harvey lied to Crichton as a failsafe -- it was the only way to get Crichton to come back to and make good on their deal. Scorpius tells him they must destroy the plants. Scorpius' plan is to lock themselves in a drilling elevator while it tunnels through solid rock toward the Crystherium cavern. To access the elevator they need Stark. But Scorpius knows that Stark is actually a bioloid and that the real Stark must be in the bioloid duplicator.

Farscape Files
The Rabrokator is a navigable elevator that can drill through rock. Crichton refers to it as the "Wonkavator."

"We're So Screwed - Part III: La Bomba"

After Crichton and company take the Rabrokator to the Crystherium cavern, Scorpius tries to kill the mother plant, but shields protect it. With Scarrans in pursuit, Sikozu reveals herself to be a genetically engineered Kalish capable of killing Scarrans. She destroys the attackers and they leave in the Rabrokator. On the Carrier, Braca relieves Grayza of command before she can attack the station. Scorpius agrees to cancel Crichton's wormhole debt if he can kill the mother plant. He does so with his bomb.

Farscape Files
Written by: Mark Saraceni Directed by: Rowan Woods
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Paul Goddard (Stark), Rebecca Riggs (Grayza), David Franklin (Braca), Duncan Young (Staleek), Francesca Buller (Ahkna), Jason Clarke (Jenek), Jonathan Pasvolsky (Pennoch), David Downer (Vakali), Dean O'Gorman (Zukash), Jason Chong (Rahzaro), John Schwarz (Tugar), Sam Bettison (Grek)

"Bad Timing"

Scarrans are now targeting Earth because Crichton told them Crystherium plants were abundant there. To protect his home planet, Crichton plans to seal the wormhole -- he just doesn't know how to do it yet. Scorpius proposes a Peacekeeper alliance with Earth to protect it, but Crichton says it's too late. Sikozu and Scorpius are expelled from the ship and sent back to the Carrier -- Scorpius is wired to a nuclear bomb to make sure the carrier does not follow Moya as she StarBursts away.

Farscape Files
Scarran Stryker ships are very swift. To arrive at the wormhole before them, Moya must engage in an extended StarBurst.

"Bad Timing"

Crichton formulates a plan -- to burst the wormhole's pressure bubble as it forms, causing the wormhole to collapse in after it. He needs Pilot's assistance, but Pilot balks -- agreeing to help only after Rygel convinces him. Pilot turns control of Moya to D'Argo, and Pilot is cut free of the Leviathan. He must be rejoined before the wounds scab over, or else Pilot will die -- alone.

Farscape Files
Since Moya's transport pods are made from Moya's organic elements, Pilot can live in one for an arn.

"Bad Timing"

Crichton, Aeryn and Pilot navigate through the wormhole to Earth. After a quick stop on the moon to give Crichton's dad a goodbye call, they head back. The Scarran Stryker arrives, disables Moya and maneuvers into the wormhole. Crichton, Aeryn and Pilot pop the wormhole bubble, causing it to permanently collapse and crush the Scarran ship. Crichton proposes to Aeryn -- she accepts, but the two are blasted to smithereens by an attacking vessel. TO BE CONTINUED...(hopefully).

Farscape Files
Written by: David Kemper
Directed by: Andrew Prowse
Guest Cast: Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Paul Goddard (Stark), David Franklin (Braca), Duncan Young (Staleek), Francesca Buller (Ahkna), John Adam (Pennoch)

286, 287, 288

Farscape Season 4 Base Cards Checklist

217  Cast Montage
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220  Crichton Kicks
221  Crichton Kicks
222  Crichton Kicks
223  What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice
224  What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice
225  What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice
226  What Was Lost, Part 2: Resurrection
227  What Was Lost, Part 2: Resurrection
228  What Was Lost, Part 2: Resurrection
229  Lava's a Many Splendored Thing
230  Lava's a Many Splendored Thing
231  Lava's a Many Splendored Thing
232  Promises
233  Promises
234  Promises
235  Natural Election
236  Natural Election
237  Natural Election
238  John Quixote
239  John Quixote
240  John Quixote
241  I Shrink, Therefore I Am
242  I Shrink, Therefore I Am
243  I Shrink, Therefore I Am
244  A Prefect Murder
245  A Prefect Murder
246  A Prefect Murder
247  Coup by Clam
248  Coup by Clam
249  Coup by Clam
250  Unrealized Reality
251  Unrealized Reality
252  Unrealized Reality
253  Kansas
254  Kansas
255  Kansas
256  Terra Firma
257  Terra Firma
258  Terra Firma
259  Twice Shy
260  Twice Shy
261  Twice Shy
262  Mental as Anything
263  Mental as Anything
264  Mental as Anything
265  Bringing Home the Bacon
266  Bringing Home the Bacon
267  Bringing Home the Bacon
268  A Constellation of Doubt
269  A Constellation of Doubt
270  A Constellation of Doubt
271  Prayer
272  Prayer
273  Prayer
274  We're So Screwed 1 - Fetal Attaction
275  We're So Screwed 1 - Fetal Attaction
276  We're So Screwed 1 - Fetal Attaction
277  We're So Screwed 2 - Hot to Katratz!
278  We're So Screwed 2 - Hot to Katratz!
279  We're So Screwed 2 - Hot to Katratz!
280  We're So Screwed 3 - La Bomba
281  We're So Screwed 3 - La Bomba
282  We're So Screwed 3 - La Bomba
283  Bad Timing
284  Bad Timing
285  Bad Timing
286  Cast Montage
287  Cast Montage
288  Cast Montage

Farscape Season 4 Bonus Cards Checklist

Behind-The-Scenes With David Kemper (1:5 Packs)

BK45  Crichton Kicks
BK46  What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice
BK47  What Was Lost, Part 2: Resurrection
BK48  Lava's a Many Splendored Thing
BK49  Promises
BK50  Natural Election
BK51  John Quixote
BK52  I Shrink, Therefore I Am
BK53  A Prefect Murder
BK54  Coup by Clam
BK55  Unrealized Reality
BK56  Kansas
BK57  Terra Firma
BK58  Twice Shy
BK59  Mental as Anything
BK60  Bringing Home the Bacon
BK61  A Constellation of Doubt
BK62  Prayer
BK63  We're So Screwed 1 - Fetal Attaction
BK64  We're So Screwed 2 - Hot to Katratzi
BK65  We're So Screwed 3 - La Bomba
BK66  Bad Timing

The Quotable Farscape (1:5 Packs)

Q45  Crichton Kicks
Q46  What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice
Q47  What Was Lost, Part 2: Resurrection
Q48  Lava's a Many Splendored Thing
Q49  Promises
Q50  Natural Election
Q51  John Quixote
Q52  I Shrink, Therefore I Am
Q53  A Prefect Murder
Q54  Coup by Clam
Q55  Unrealized Reality
Q56  Kansas
Q57  Terra Firma
Q58  Twice Shy
Q59  Mental as Anything
Q60  Bringing Home the Bacon
Q61  A Constellation of Doubt
Q62  Prayer
Q63  We're So Screwed 1 - Fetal Attaction
Q64  We're So Screwed 2 - Hot to Katratzi
Q65  We're So Screwed 3 - La Bomba
Q66  Bad Timing

Farscape ArtiFEX™ Cards (1:10 Packs)
Original Art Created By Virginia Hey (Zhaan)

X1  John Crichton
X2  Aeryn Sun
X3  D'Argo
X4  Chiana
X5  Captain Crais
X6  Zhaan
X7  Scorpius
X8  Grayza
X9  Sikozu

Autographed ArtiFEX™ Parallel Card (1:480 Packs)

XA6  Zhaan

Autograph Cards (1:20 Packs)

A22  Raelee Hill
A23  Melissa Jaffer
A24  Rebecca Riggs
A25  David Franklin
A26  Lani Tupu
A27  Rowan Woods
A28  Elizabeth Alexander
A29  Murray Bartlett
A30  Bruce Spence
A31  John Bach
A32  Wayne Pygram
A33  Gigi Edgley
A34  Kent McCord

Farscape Gallery Cards (1:40 Packs)
Film Cel Cards

G1  John Crichton
G2  Aeryn Sun
G3  D'Argo
G4  Chiana
G5  Captain Crais
G6  Scorpius
G7  Grayza
G8  Sikozu

From The Archives Costume Cards (1:40 Packs)

CC16  Jool
CC17  Jothee
CC18  Noranti
CC19  Lt. Braca
CC20  Grayza

Exclusive Collector's Album "From The Archives" Relic Card

CC21  Moya

SketchaFEX™ Case Topper Card (1 Per Case)

Sikozu (colored sketch card)

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