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Farscape: Through the Wormhole
Title:   Farscape: Through the Wormhole
Category:   Base Set (see below for list of associated chase cards & other related items)
Released:   08 Dec 2004 by Rittenhouse Archives
Numbered:   1 - 72
Quantities:   Rittenhouse produced an unknown number of cases, of 12 boxes, of 40 packs, of 5 cards each.

See also Jeff Allender's House of Checklists for detailed listing.

Size:   Original cards are a standard 3½" x 2½" size.

John Crichton

John Crichton, a second-generation astronaut, spent his time in the space program in his famous father's shadow. He was always trying to impress and please Jack Crichton, but never forced to work to make a name for himself. All of this changed, when his experimental mission aboard the Farscape One module shot him through a wormhole, into a distant part of the Universe. Here, he was at last forced to call upon the heroic qualities he'd inherited from his father but had never needed to use.

John Crichton

The variety of alien races and the diversity of personalities represented by the members of Moya's crew allowed for an array of relationships, each intense, each in many ways beyond what John's provincial human mind could sometimes easily comprehend. With the warrior D'Argo he shared a mutual admiration, while with Zhaan, the respect was for her pacifism. With Chiana, John took on the role of teacher, when previously he'd been playing student, learning about life in the Uncharted Territories.

John Crichton

John's relationship with Aeryn was perhaps the most complicated. The physical resemblance between humans and Sebaceans offered an immediate attraction, tempered at first by John's distrust for aliens in general and Peacekeepers in particular — and by Aeryn's distrust for anyone. As time went by and they learned to trust one another, they became stronger allies, partners and friends.

John Crichton

If trying to live in the Uncharted Territories aboard a living ship wasn't difficult enough, Scorpius was constantly hunting John. When Scorpius managed to finally capture John, he implanted a neural chip in his head to help locate the wormhole technology locked in Crichton's brain. The side effect was that the neural chip left a clone of Scorpius' subconscious locked inside John's mind.

John Crichton

The Scorpius clone's presence continued to increase inside John's head, to the point of insanity and finally taking over his whole personality. While under the influence of the neural clone, John killed Aeryn. His grief over the event forced John to have the chip removed; however a neural bleed left a residual copy of the Scorpy clone in Crichton's head. Crichton learned to use this clone to understand his nemesis better, while he prepared for their next encounter.

John Crichton

As his time in the Uncharted Territories increased, so did Crichton's desire to get home. But he was torn between this desire and his love for his shipmates, and in particular, for Aeryn Sun. After being "twinned" and separated into two ships, the Crichton on Talyn did manage to find some happiness when Aeryn finally declared her love for him and they embarked on a physical relationship. Still, happiness was short lived when John sacrificed his life to stop the Scarrans from developing wormhole technology.

John Crichton

The Crichton on Moya was rightfully jealous of his other self's happiness with Aeryn, but understood his alter ego's sacrifice. He decided to postpone his own hopes of returning home, abandoned his jealousy, resolved to give Aeryn time to heal from her loss and committed himself to destroying Scorpius' wormhole research, even if it destroyed him as well. He might never find a way home or win Aeryn's heart, but he remained committed to doing the right thing.

John Crichton

For John Crichton, life finally seemed to be getting better. He was reunited with his lover, Aeryn, who was now pregnant; and he finally unlocked enough of the wormhole knowledge to make it back to Earth. On Earth, John was reunited with his family, but was forced to leave forever when he realized that Earth was not yet ready to encounter the rest of the galaxy's life forms. With both Peacekeepers and Scarrans after him, John decided that there was no place he would rather be than with Aeryn.

John Crichton

"I've got... a strange life here, Dad. It's different. But it's my own. I have people who rely on me. People who I care about. People who mystify me and people who've become allies. Friends. And people who teach me patience, and people who teach me other things. Well, you said the time would come, and I think it has. I have a job to do. And I am unafraid. That's what you said when they asked you what it was like to walk on the moon. You did good, Dad. You taught me well. This is John Crichton. Somewhere in the universe." — John Crichton

Aeryn Sun

As part of the frontline Pleisar Regiment of the Peacekeeper Military, the Sebacean Aeryn Sun was a top-notch soldier and combat pilot. She was born into the military, only briefly meeting her mother, before joining the ranks and being raised to know nothing other than combat. As a Peacekeeper she never spent any time alone — always part of a regiment, a battalion, a colony — yet she remained very independent.

Aeryn Sun

After being "irreversibly contaminated" and ostracized from the only "family" she'd ever known, Aeryn found a new "family" and a new home aboard Moya. In many ways, Moya's crew offered her a kind of comfort and protection she'd never known before, while allowing her to be an individual rather than a member of a unit. After sharing some of Pilot's DNA, Aeryn found an intimacy with him beyond any that existed with the other members of the crew.

Aeryn Sun

Aeryn saw the Peacekeepers through the eyes of Moya's crew and understood them to be relentless and in many ways wrong, but there was much of Aeryn that still considered herself a traitor. She felt guilty for betraying her Peacekeeper family and a bit insecure for not being able to live up to Peacekeeper standards. Her experiences on Moya taught her that there were other means and methods of resolving a problem, but she still turned to combat as her primary solution. Even at her most diplomatic, Aeryn kept her Pulse Rifle close at hand.

Aeryn Sun

Of all the relationships she has experienced, Aeryn found herself attracted to Crichton — a quite different relationship from the ones she had when she was a Peacekeeper. Uncertain of how Crichton felt, her own fears prevented Aeryn from initially voicing these feelings. When she was finally able to say the words "I love you," they fell on deaf ears as Crichton, under the influence of Scorpius' neural chip, plunged Aeryn into the freezing waters and into an icy tomb.

Aeryn Sun

Having been killed by the man she loved and then brought back to life through the sacrifice of Zhaan, Aeryn was firmly convinced that she and Crichton must not act on their feelings. Her experiences with the Crichton on Talyn changed her mind, and she finally dared to begin a trusting and passionate relationship with him, only to watch him die saving his friends.

Aeryn Sun

Aeryn donned her old Peacekeeper armor, resolved to be an emotionless soldier once more. However, that resolve was severely tested by the presence of the surviving Crichton on Moya. Even if she could manage to love this Crichton, she was scared to, knowing what grief felt like. Her emotions were further complicated by the knowledge that she was with child, and decided it was time to leave Moya, forever.

Aeryn Sun

When Aeryn and Crichton's paths crossed again, she realized that she hadn't lost her love at all. He was alive and well in the body of the Crichton that stayed on Moya. However, he was now distant due to the secret that Aeryn kept — that her baby may not be his. Undaunted, Aeryn pushed forward to reclaim her love.

Aeryn Sun

When Aeryn learned the true reason behind Crichton's emotional distance — his use of Noranti's poppers — the star-crossed lovers were finally able to embark on a true and fulfilling relationship. Aeryn was no longer the emotionless, battle-hardened soldier, but a full-blooded, warm and caring woman, who was prepared to love and lose than not love at all. With the knowledge that her child was Crichton's and her acceptance of his marriage proposal, the lovers were set for a bright future together.

Aeryn Sun

"How took almost losing him to make me fully understand motherhood. And I love it. And I'm going to get better at it. And all of a sudden three is not such a scary number." — Aeryn Sun

Ka D'Argo

Huge and powerful, the Luxan Warrior Ka D'Argo was wrongly imprisoned by the Peacekeepers as a scapegoat for the murder of his own Sebacean wife, Lo'Laan. Lo'Laan was killed by her own brother for falling in love with a Luxan and producing a half-breed son, Jothee. D'Argo was framed for the murder, arrested and imprisoned aboard Moya, but he initially hid the real reason for his captivity from the crew.

Ka D'Argo

D'Argo's hatred for the Peacekeepers ran deeper than most, and he lived to reunite with his son, and to avenge the wrongs that have been done to him and his family. His experiences aboard Moya, and the love and friendship he'd seen and developed among Moya's crew have taught him patience and a degree.

Ka D'Argo

With his freedom from the Peacekeepers won and his friendships with those among Moya's crew growing, D'Argo was able to let his guard down enough to allow others to become close to him — especially Chiana. As two people interested in the pleasures of the flesh, D'Argo and Chiana settled into a comfortable, sexual relationship. While neither of them expected it to be serious, they truly cared for one another, and, more importantly, they were having fantastic sex.

Ka D'Argo

For D'Argo, life seemed to be going his way. He was reunited with his son Jothee and his relationship with Chiana continued to be all he could hope for. His dream of life on a farm with his son Jothee and his prospective wife Chiana, however, was shattered when he discovered that the two were having a steamy affair. He chased his son [a]way and struggled to find a reason to live.

Ka D'Argo

D'Argo found peace in something that only a warrior could, a mysterious and powerful Luxan ship he named Lo'La after his late wife. When he believed Crichton had interfered with his precious ship, D'Argo entered Luxan hyper-rage and almost killed his best friend. When it was revealed that Jool was the real culprit, D'Argo's heart betrayed his fury. He forgave her, and the two moved a step closer to a more intimate friendship.

Ka D'Argo

Still on the hunt for his brother-in-law, Macton, Ka D'Argo received a file on Macton's latest assignment and current whereabouts from Scorpius thanks to Crichton. However, it was a chance encounter at Katoya's mental discipline training camp that the two crossed paths again. D'Argo began to have doubts as to who really killed Lo'Laan, until the truth was revealed and Macton's crime did not go unpunished by D'Argo.

Ka D'Argo

Freed from the shackles of his past, D'Argo had hoped to move on to the future, something he had hoped to do with Jool. But the differences between their cultures were too great, and D'Argo returned to Moya with his friends, leaving Jool with her people. D'Argo was also elected Moya's captain by the crew as testament to the Luxan's newfound fortitude and strength of character.

Ka D'Argo

Ka D'Argo's dreams were always simple, to lay down his sword and one day have a farm and a family — only his past and his Luxan temper always seemed to get in the way. For a warrior, the greatest honor is to die in battle, an honor that D'Argo received when he saved the life of his love, Chiana, and provided cover for his friends — his family — to escape the Scarrans and bring peace to the universe.

Ka D'Argo

"Jothee is my blood, my child. All I have left of my wife." — Ka D'Argo


A Nebari runaway, Chiana is happiest when she has the opportunity to show off her scoundrel skills; she's a thief, a liar, a seductress and a drama queen. But beyond that, she's a very young woman, and often conceals her fears under blustery pseudo-confidence that's plausible maybe fifty percent of the time.


Chiana's talents for subterfuge proved to be useful on more than one occasion for Moya's crew, but her tendency to be contrary originally made her an unlikely team player in crisis situations. Chiana didn't do what Chiana didn't want to do, and as a general rule, that's anything that would risk her hide, ruin her reputation, or tear her clothing. Unless, of course, that's what she was going for.


Chiana's admiration for Crichton softened her combative edge over time. She let him convince her to help him and the crew whom she grew to like and respect. Chiana bickered with Crichton, annoyed Aeryn, went shopping/stealing with Rygel and had a girl's day out with Jool. With D'Argo, however, the relationship went deeper, and it was this relationship that helped her grow the most.


Chiana's relationship with D'Argo took a turn for the worse, when fears of an adult commitment lead her to have an affair with D'Argo's son, Jothee. She confessed to D'Argo that she self-destructed their relationship because she wasn't ready for the marriage and quiet life D'Argo craved. D'Argo's miserable response taught her a painful lesson — it would have been better if she had just told him the truth.


After her encounter with the energy rider, Chiana found herself having visions of future events with often painful consequences. As these powers continued to grow, so did her control over them. Chiana learned that she could now slow down events, thus taking in a lot of information in the blink of an eye — a trick she found amusing until she realized that it left her temporarily blind, with each blindness becoming longer in duration.


Chiana helped bring Talyn, Moya's child, into the world, but when he died, Chiana realized that her days of innocence were over. She ran off to join her brother in the Nebari Resistance. Her brother rejected her for fear that her presence would only hinder his rebellious endeavors, and he forced her to return to the only other family she had left — aboard Moya.


Chiana's playful nature, and her luck, hasn't been completely abandoned. Whether she was pushing a new mind-trapping virtual reality game onto Crichton, exploring Earth in 1985 or purchasing an abused slave girl who turned out to be a neural harvesting alien arachnid, Chiana's knack for disregarding the wishes of others and at times common sense has led the crew to some interesting adventures.


Chiana finally decided to settle down with her Luxan lover only to watch him die saving her life. With D'Argo's death, Chiana was once again adrift in the universe. Unsure of her future and once again not willing to accept guidance from anyone, she started running again so that nothing could hurt her. Her last act of love was to help pass D'Argo's Qualta blade on to Jothee, providing closure and reconciliation between father and son.


"Don't tell me how to lie. It's one of the best things I do!" — Chiana


The product of a Scarran breeding program to produce a Scarran and Sebacean hybrid, Scorpius spent his childhood under the brutal tutelage of the Scarrans who were obsessed with destroying his Sebacean half's ‘weakness'. A young Scorpius finally escaped, defecting to the Peacekeepers with his knowledge of and profound hatred for the Scarran race.


Being a half-breed, Scorpius maintained the physiology of both Scarrans and Sebaceans. The Scarran tendency to radiate extreme heat, coupled with the Sebacean intolerance for heat, caused problems for him, forcing him to wear a complex protective suit to compensate. Scorpius also had a cooling rod installed in his brain that helped regular his temperature. One positive of his hybrid background was that his vision allowed him to monitor aberrations in a species' energy signatures, which gave him the unique ability to detect lies.


Through the use of the Aurora Chair, Scorpius discovered that Crichton possessed knowledge of wormholes, left in his mind by a race known as The Ancients. With his goal of wormholes now closer than ever, Scorpius changed his focus and his obsession towards Crichton.


When Peacekeeper High Command questioned Scorpius' loyalties and his actions, Scorpius found his command and his life relinquished by Commandant Grayza. Escaping death, Scorpius took refuge aboard Moya with the promise that he was only interested in protecting the wormhole technology knowledge in Crichton's head.


With the Scarrans now set on a destructive path to Earth, Scorpius hoped that this threat would force Crichton to join him, until John was killed. Believing John Crichton to be dead and with him the wormhole knowledge inside his head, Scorpius returned to the Peacekeepers and focused his attention on bringing about the war he knew was inevitable.


"Entropy will claim the universe before I bow down to a Scarran!" — Scorpius


Desperate for the wormhole knowledge in Crichton's brain, Scorpius implanted a chip in Crichton's brain to seek out that knowledge. When the chip was removed, Crichton was horrified to discover that the neural bleed of Scorpius' personality had left a Neural clone behind, one which Crichton nicknamed ‘Harvey'.


Originally Harvey was unhappy, suicidal and unwilling to reconcile himself to a lifetime trapped inside another consciousness. Like his real-life originator, however, Harvey was fundamentally pragmatic. He quickly rediscovered his will to live, and set about making his ‘life' as bearable as possible. When he was not amusing himself by rooting through Crichton's memories, he occasionally appeared with life-saving advice.


Harvey, ever loyal to Scorpius, could prevent Crichton from killing Scorpius or even himself, as the knowledge Crichton possessed was too great. When John was put back together, and with him Harvey, Harvey alerted Scorpius to this fact by drawing John into the Peacekeeper and Scarran war. When John finally built the wormhole weapon and used it, Harvey's mission was complete, and he had no further reason to exist.


An 812-year-old 10th level Delvian Pa'u, Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan was imprisoned for the murder of another Delvian priest — her lover — who she suspected was using his power to lead Delvia astray. During her seventeen cycles of imprisonment aboard Moya, Zhaan was able to control her "dark impulses" and her violent instincts allowing for a more pacifistic, kind and peaceable Zhaan.


Delvians are flora, not fauna, and therefore Zhaan, a plant-evolved being, experienced extreme reactions to solar energy, including photogasms when exposed to solar flares. Additionally, Zhaan knew herbs and herbal medicine intimately, which often gave her the responsibility of doctor, healer and scientist aboard Moya.


Being older, wiser and more accepting of the ways of the universe than most of her shipmates, Zhaan was frequently the voice of reason among the crew...but by no means was she always the peacemaker. In her anxiousness to get home, Zhaan cooperated in cutting off Pilot's arm to give to Namtar. In an effort to rescue Crichton from Maldis, Zhaan tortured small animals as practice for using her dark impulses.


Zhaan was never mindlessly cruel, but she did have the capacity to hurt, despite her predominant attitude of pacifist, wise healer and kind soul. For a time, she had forsaken her priesthood and felt guilty for the way she had wielded her power. But once again she returned to her prayers in an effort to expand her spirituality.


In a selfless act, Zhaan spent almost all of her hard-worn [sic] spiritual powers to save Aeryn. Severely weakened, she then insisted on sacrificing her life to rescue her beloved Moya and the crew she had mothered, foregoing the chance to seek treatment for her terminal illness. An agonized Stark helped guide her out of life and into well-deserved peace.


"For the longest time I feared physical demise because my spiritual essence was suspect. But now I know I'm worthy. Now I know the transgressions have melted from my soul. Now I know I shall meet my goddess and be accepted to her bosom. Sensitive D'Argo, exuberant Chiana, wise Rygel, selfless Aeryn, innocent Crichton. My children, my teachers, my loves, there is no guilt, there is no blame, only what is meant to be. Grow through your mistakes and know that if patient, redemption will find you." — Zhaan


The Sixteenth Rygel in a line of Hynerian Dominars, Rygel was once the ruler of over 600 billion subjects in the Hynerian Empire. A disloyal cousin, Bishan, usurped Rygel's throne, and the deposed monarch found himself aboard the prison ship Zelbinion. Rygel spent over 300 cycles as a prisoner before helping the other prisoners escape aboard Moya.


With an ornery temper, a tendency to fart helium, an unnecessarily egomaniacal attitude and the notion that everyone should bow to his bidding, Rygel was not the easiest creature to spend time with. Despite all this, Moya's crew found him to be oddly endearing, and, though it hurt them to say it, he was part of the family, too.


Hundreds of cycles in captivity helped Rygel to change. He showed bravery and courage, risked his own life to save others and matched wits with Scorpius. He admitted that he was a lousy ruler, capricious and rapacious. He intended to be the greatest leader, but quickly fell victim to his own publicity. Now he had the chance to rule again and this time he proclaimed, he'd be different.

"I may be small, but let me remind you, that only serves to put me at castration level." — Rygel


An independent entity, Pilot operated symbiotically with Moya. The upper half of Pilot's torso was the only part of him entirely his own. His much larger lower half was made up of neural tentacles, which threaded through and fused with Moya's system. With the help of DRD's (Diagnostic Repair Drones) which acted as his eyes and ears, Pilot maintained all of the systems on Moya necessary for the crew's survival.


When Pilot was young, the Elders of his world did not consider him ready to be joined with a Leviathan, but a Peacekeeper named Velorek offered Pilot a ship, Moya, and Pilot accepted. In doing so, he sealed the fate of Moya's first pilot, who was killed by a group of Peacekeepers that included Aeryn. Pilot felt guilty for the death of Moya's first pilot, but he took the job so he could achieve what he'd always dreamed of — seeing the stars.


A member of the Banik slave race, Stark has the ability to ease the pain and suffering of those passing over to another realm. Banik slaves are also able, under certain conditions of death, to revert to a non-corporeal form. Stark was once owned by the Scarran Ruling Caste on Katratzi, where he helped them cross over to the other side. It is this knowledge that caught the attention of Scorpius and put him into the Aurora Chair, which only helped to drive Stark insane.


On board Moya, Stark found a kindred soul in Zhaan. Both of them were able to use their specific mental powers to communicate telepathically and [this] allowed them to share intimate thoughts. When Zhaan gave her life for Aeryn, Stark developed a strange, sensual fascination with the former Peacekeeper and anger towards Crichton, whom he ultimately blamed for Zhaan's death.


Captain Bialar Crais was born in a Sebacean farming community, but while still a boy, he and his younger brother were wrested from their family and forced against their will into the Peacekeeper military. Crais rose quickly in the ranks to the level of Captain with control of his own Command Carrier. However, his respect for the Peacekeeper mandates was often unclear. At times he was a flag bearer for military tradition. At other times, he was a renegade.


His hunt for his brother's killer, John Crichton, and the "contaminated" Aeryn Sun, made Crais realize his own frustration with the Peacekeepers. After defecting, he stole Talyn and headed off into space, only to return to join Crichton and Aeryn against the Scarrans and then against his own former Command Carrier. In a heroic sacrifice, the former captain, along with Talyn, died with honor, sacrificing their lives to destroy the Peacekeeper's wormhole research.


Feisty with an acid sharp tongue, Sikozu believed she was smarter than everyone else on Moya and was not afraid to let them know it. Born without translator microbes and able to assimilate all other's languages with relative ease, she was indeed intelligent and incredibly focused. But with little "real-world" experience, she still had a lot to learn. SIkozu also possessed the strange ability to shift her center of gravity and to be able to reattach any severed limb.


While she shared the crew's distrust for Peacekeepers, Sikozu was never completely trusted by the crew. The crew always felt Sikozu was hiding something, and they were right. Sikozu was in fact a bioloid, a genetically engineered robot, designed to be a Scarran killing machine. This, with her pragmatist nature, drew the attention and affection of Scorpius, which Sikozu returned in kind.


Jool, a strikingly beautiful young woman with orange-and-yellow-hued skin offset by a mane of wild, silken hair, had a fiery temperament to match her visage. Raised in a peaceful star system, Jool attended a rigorous series of universities, schooled in the arts and graces of a finer life. She was proficient in everything from music and art to biology, chemistry and universal cosmology.


When at ease, Jool could charm the scales off a snake, but when cornered she lashed out with a scream that could melt metal as her hair turned a crimson red. While initially attracted to D'Argo, her breeding and upbringing prevented her from ever consummating the relationship and ultimately forced her, along with her unquenchable thirst for knowledge, to leave Moya and stay with her own kind.


Originally Crais' second-in-command, Milko [sic] Braca, Officer of the Fleet of Peacekeeper Interplanetary Service, had no hesitation in aligning himself with Scorpius when his ascension to power became imminent. Braca totally adhered to the Peacekeeper philosophy and was someone that in her previous life, Aeryn would have greatly looked up to.


When Grayza decommissioned Scorpius' command, Braca again showed his loyalty to the Peacekeeper chain of command, gratefully accepting a promotion to Captain under Grayza's watch. However, Braca was more than he seemed, and his loyalty to Scorpius ran deep. He was often prepared to bend the rules and step outside Peacekeeper protocol to protect his old Commander and all those on Moya.


Born and bread [sic] on a Command Carrier, Commandant Mele-On Grayza had achieved the pinnacle of Peacekeeper advancement. Rising rapidly through the ranks, she became flag officer of the highest station within the military establishment. Relentlessly dogged, cool and self-confident, Grayze was just really a merciless self-promoter who would rather die than fail in her quest for power


Half Sebacean, half Luxan, Jothee was the son of D'Argo and Lo'Lann. He was sold into slavery after D'Argo's imprisonment and spent more of his life fending for himself. When father and son were reunited, Jothee found it hard to slip back into a normal father-son relationship. After leaving his father, Jothee reinvented himself and joined an elite force of Luxan Commandos, quickly moving up the ranks to become commander of his own ship.


Utu Noranti Pralatong was a 290-cycle-old Traskan who had accumulated many skills in her long and varied life. She was an eccentric yet phenomenal cook, a secular and spiritual teacher and healer. Drawing on her seemingly endless supply of mystical herbs she was able to illicit [sic] memories of the past and future and allow other's [sic] to see into their own souls, as well as affecting the minds of those she wished to confuse and delude.

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Autograph Cards 1:20 Packs
A35 Carmen Duncan................Leslie Crichton
A36 Justin Monjo.................Writer/Producer
A37 Alyssa-Jane Cook......................Gilina
A38 Claudia Black......................Aeryn Sun
A40 Rhys Muldoon..........................Staanz
A41 Nick Tate...................R. Wilson Monroe
A42 Felix Williamson..............Prince Clayvor
A43 Marta Dusseldorp...........Officer Yal Henta
A44 Rachel Gordon........................Lo'Laan
A45 Tina Bursill...................Empress Novia
A46 Matt Day......................Councilor Tyno
A47 Claudia Karvan........................Natira
A48 Natalie Mendoza......................Lishala
A49 Imogen Annesley....Niem (Peacekeeper Barbie)
A50 Mark Mitchell.....................Mu-Quillus
A51 Victoria Longley..........Pathfinder Neeyala
A52 Barry Otto.........................Dr..Tumii
A53 Jeremy Sims.............................Rorf
A54 Angie Milliken........................Volmae
A55 Jamie Croft..............Young John Crichton
A56 Darlene Vogel.........................Lorana
A57 Lisa Hensley .........................Matala
A58 Susan Lyons..........................Sierjna
A59 Anthony Hayes.........................Molnon
A60 Felicity Price.............Princess Katralla
A61 Alex Dimitriades.................Lt. Velorek
A62 Alyson Standen........................Ennixx
A63 Chris Haywood..........................Kyvan
A64 Anna Lise Phillips..............Young Nilaam
A65 David Franklin.........................Braca
A66 Gigi Edgley...........................Chiana
A67 Anthony Simcoe........................D'Argo
A68 Wayne Pygram........................Scorpius
A69 Raelee Hill...........................Sikozu
A70 Paul Goddard...........................Stark

Randomly Inserted Dual Autograph Cards
DA1 Ben Browder....................John Crichton
    Claudia Black......................Aeryn Sun
DA2 Virginia Hey...........................Zhaan
    Paul Goddard...........................Stark

Associated Chase Cards & Other Related Items

The Quotable Farscape (Q1.1 - Q1.22)
Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars (PW1 - PW18)
Sean Pence ArtiFex Cards (SPA1 - SPA9)
Crichton's Women (W1 - W9)
Autograph Cards (A35 - A70)
Dual Autograph Cards (DA1 - DA3)
Case-Topper Autograph Sketch Card
Expansion Set Autograph (A71)
Expansion Set Sean Pence ArtiFex Cards (7 cards, unknown numbering)
Promo Cards (CP1; P1 - P3)
Sell Sheet
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